Questions for lions Brass

Why have you not signed Marvin Jones to an extension? All he does is ball!
Why have you not signed Kenny Golliday? Are you trying to lose him?
Why have you not changed the Defense scheme? Obviously the one used is not working!
Where is Julian Okwara? Do you think he may help the pass rush?
Why is Trufant still on the team? He can’t get on the field!
Why are we not using Swift more? He is a play maker!
How does Patricia still have a job?
How does Quin still have a job?
Why is Ragland not playing more? Dude can ball and has a mean steak!
How about trading Danny Amendola for Golden Tate? Should have never let him go!
Where is Hunter Bryant? Can’t get on the field!
Where is Justin Coleman? Can’t get on the field!
Where the HELL is Austin Bryant? He has not played a down in 2 years!
Why have we not signed some pass rushers? Even an old Clay Matthews would be better than what we have!

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Shouldn’t those questions be to Quin?. The owner is supposed to pay the bills and hire a gm. The GM and coach are supposed to handle everything you said other than the one question about Quin’s job.

I hope this was sarcastic bc there was a lot of silliness in there…

Austin bryant sighting: