Quinn open to trading down

For now, they’ll keep those assets for themselves. In fact, Quinn said the Lions could add more picks on Day 2 by “moving back” from No. 35.

“The top of the second round has kind of been the new first round. Teams get to kind of reset their boards and there’s a lot of action in the first five picks of the second round,” said Quinn. “So we’ll see what happens.”

Too late. Dude screwed the pooch in round 1. Got the worst value in the draft thus far.

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It’s not too late.

Round 1 didn’t go the way either of us wanted but there are still 6 more rounds to make good moves.

Lots of picks left!

Additionally, I’d argue other teams did worse. Landing the best cb in the draft isn’t the end of the world. We both wanted it to go down differently for sure but i think it’s a stretch saying the lions did the worst of all 32 teams last night.

Could they have dome better? I think so, absolutely. We’re they the worst. I can’t agree with that, no.

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They do look ripe for a trade right now.

Top of the second is not the time to trade down. Now is the time to draft a first round type prospect.

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