Quinn says they've studied OL extensively; lots of depth available


Going to grab a guy in FA when camp cuts come along


I’m hoping for something legit. I believe Quinn knows way better than me, but I saw 9 get sacked a thousand times last year. I’m not seeing a legit starter at OG, as of right now.


Is Oday okay to play every day?


I’m clueless seems like most say he is on par with Wiggins caliber


Here is what PFF had to say about Crosby after last years draft…we just might have our RG on the roster already.

Day 3 : Tyrell Crosby’s slide was halted by the Lions who bring in a monstrous offensive lineman. At Oregon, he allowed only seven total pressures and no sacks in 2017 at left tackle, but has the size and power to move inside to guard and dominate.


Yep I saw the same thing. I’m ANGRY…that is all Stafford’s fault.


Maybe so Charlie, but maybe not either. And if Crosby moves to RG then the Lions are really thin at OT.


That is a good point. I guess it would also mean that we have three backup Gs on the roster, plus the guy that was on the PS.

Quinn said that they are happy with who they have on the roster, but what else can he say?


Yeah, i think that part goes ignored by a lot of people.


4 more times than he was sacked in 2011. 7 times fewer than in 2017.

But let’s just make excuses without even checking to see if they’re valid or not. It’s fun.


I don’t suppose you have a clue as to how ridiculously repetitive and boring you’ve gotten.
Every thread, “Stafford’s a bum…”.
Give it a fucking rest, already!
We ALL know, you’d rather a cheaper QB. We get it.


Yep, fucking Ground Hog Day…


It’s not nearly as repetitive and boring as the constant excuse making, especially given that the excuses are not valid.

The second you tell the people who actually raised the issue here, is the second I consider “giving it a rest”. But I suspect you’re not 100% unbiased here…


Ground Hog Day?

It’s not at all similar to hearing excuses over and over as to why Stafford will FINALLY be good and how he had absolutely no support at any time before now…

Yeah, that line of thought not boring at all…

I’ll shut up if you all shut up first.


LOL, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Are you Iggy?


FWIW, I haven’t read much of the back and forth here, but since I’ve yet to lock a topic since being here, I’ve got a hairy trigger finger. Plus, it looks like the tone of this one is sorta … lacking.

Don’t make me set a precedent ya’ll, this is a sanctuary. At least save it for when he either passes or fails.


Wait until we lose to Murray and Zona by 20 points on opening day, and Matt throws three ints and a pick six…


You ain’t helping, Charlie. But yeah, there’s gonna be a lot of pissed off Lions fans if that happens.


Just sayin…:grin: