Quinn trades up for Chase Young?

Why not?

  1. -Lions have a QB and 9 current draft picks (4 in the Top 100)
    -Redskins have a QB but only 7 current draft picks (2 in the top 100!!)

The Redskins have not made any big splashes at the start of free agency with no GM and new Head Coach Ron Rivera. They definitely have the door wide open for acquiring more draft picks. They would currently pick #2 early Thursday and then won’t pick again until the start of the 3rd round late Friday night (pick #66).

They finish with two 4th’s, a 5th and 7th to round out their draft. (No 2nd round pick currently)

  1. Price to move from #3 (Detroit) to #2 Washington?
    -400 Points (2600 vs 2200)
    -Our 2nd round pick #35 is worth 550
    -Our two 3rd round picks #67 and #85) are worth 420 (255, 165).

It ain’t that steep of a price to secure a Franchise player like Chase Young.

  1. Even if the Redskins are in play for a QB, they can still drop to #3 and draft Tua. Moving down one spot still secures a QB if they make an agreement on who Detroit takes with two (Chase Young).

  2. Lions are currently in “win now” mode with Rivera and Washington a little behind on that building curve. Both teams benefit in this scenario.

It all lands on a big unknown. Do the Redskins view Chase Young as a Franchise difference maker?

Or do they look to build around Haskins or Tua while securing more young, cheap players via more draft picks?

Either way, I think the Redskins are very much in play for drafting a QB in a few weeks. Tua is not off their big board. And the Redskins, who have only 7 draft picks with two top 100 picks, look very much like a team that would be high in the market in teams looking for additional draft picks.

I’ve seen no mention of a Lions trade up scenario but after looking at Washington and where they currently sit…some of the pieces fit.

Detroit receives the #2 pick and selects Chase Young.
Redskins receive #3, 67, 85 and select Tua (or even trade down again)

(…and don’t call me crazy!!! A 5’9" QB got drafted #1 overall last year, Tom Brady is on the Bucs, and Tony Romo is making $17 million a year from the booth…anything can happen)

When you have one of the worst rosters in the NFL even after most of the free agents are gone, you probably shouldn’t give away draft picks for 1 player.

I love Chase Young and what he can bring, but we are like 8 players away from being competitive just in our own division.

Best move is to take the best player available… Chase or Tua, if you can’t trade down. We have no leveridge. We have very few tradeable players that other teams want. Cant mortgage draft picks for 1 player at this point.

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I tend to agree with not trading up and keeping our volume of 9 picks. I don’t think a Lions trade up is probable…but definitely possible.

Quinn is under pressure…Redskins didn’t even hire a new GM (waiting until after draft)

Rivera just signed a big contract and has not immediate pressure. Matty P…He’s David Bowie level under pressure.

If drafting a QB is in play for the Redskins…then a trade down with Detroit does not threaten that option. Take em’ at 3 with more picks in your pocket.

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Skins are in a very interesting spot. They are also a very dysfunctional organization like us. My gut says they take Young and pass on the next best player and severely reach for someone with 2nd round talent like Okudah, but I hope they do what they usually do and hand us Young.

The next step is, if Young is there at 3, does moron Quinn even take him, or does he go mental like always and take someone else?

We replaced Slay with Trufant for all practical purposes. So that third is gravy. If you asked me earlier if I’d give up my 3rd round pick to land Chase Young? I’d probably say heck yes. Now that we have 2 3rds? It’s tough and 9 out of 10 drafts, I’m a trade down advocate. In “this” draft, the way our roster is and what we need the worst, there is a big drop from Young to Okudah/Brown/Simmons. To get value/need we probably need to go OT, but who wants to do that?

Okudah is a great fit and he’s a top 5 player in this draft, but he doesn’t put the QB on the ground (at least in this defense). Simmons can do that, but would he do it a lot from the WILL spot? How much was Christian Jones used to blitz? So our blitzing LB is our JACK. Kennard is gone, but are we really going from a 255lb guy that often takes on the opposing teams RT to a 238lb starter there?

Brown is probably the best need/value/can put the QB on the ground option. But I don’t see Suh/McCoy/Donald. I sort of see Fairley. A guy who gets a lot of pressure based on being country strong. That gets much harder to do when you line up against 320lb technicians and effective zone schemes. If we end up trading down and picking up a couple picks and take Brown it won’t be the worst thing, but still not ideal IMO at 5 or 6. So how likely is it we are going to score the triple trade down for Brown or Kinlaw? So Chase Young, a 2nd rounder then we kick back off in the 4th? Very tempting. We still have some dollars and maybe we go Suh over a high pick on Brown, for perhaps a better result.

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I like Brown in a trade-down. Also like Okudah, but would be damn happy if we ended up with Jeudy too.

So want a trade down, not trade up. I would not consider it. Actually would rather trade down twice. (I know, I’m a greedy MFr)