Quinntricia will not be fired

-------2 reason------

  1. Friday- February 9th, 2018

Bob Quinn signed an extension through the 2022 season which also just happens to match Matt Patricia’s 5 year contract (which also ends following the 2022 season).

These ships are tied together and will sink or swim together.

  1. Wednesday - September 16th, 1925

The day Martha Firestone Ford was born. She is 94 years old. We all hope she’s is here with us to see her 95th birthday next year as the Lions enter the 2020 season. But I have strong doubts that this woman wants to endure another coaching AND GM search in her 95th year on this earth. Yes she has her son and those around that help in the decision making process, but one cannot look at the golf cart tire tracks at Allen Park, or the Attendance record she has at important owner events, and say that this mid 90 year old, wonder of a woman, is not active in the ownership.

Point is that she would absolutely be involve the process of finding a new GM and or Head Coach.

And with reason #1 above…94 year old Martha is going to sink or swim with Quinntricia through next season…and possibly all the way to 2022…when she turns 98 entering the 2023 season.


Oook sure

Well, I guess I can see where you’re coming from Wrath. You’re right and I did not see that as a viable outcome but it makes perfect sense. Either way…I hope it works out and we see some winning football soon.

Good talking with ya Wrath…always good to hear fellow Lions fans and their passion for this franchise.

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I think 99% of this board knows that Quinn and Patricia will be here for the 2020 season.

Many may not want them back, but realize that it’s almost certain that they will be.

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Can only go up from here

Fair enough,

I guess I’m just trigger happy from all the years of “FIRE Coach ______!!!” threads.

(…I humbly step down from my soap box)

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I actually think both of them being back depends the next 2 weeks.

Them going down 21 to Jameis at home with all the noise surrounding this team gets you fired.

Guys whose jobs are on the line don’t rest all of the starters by putting them on IR. If we were playing meaningful games, most of those dudes would be playing, including Mathew.

We’ve been witnessing the equivalent of preseason football for some time. They are looking for guys that can contribute next year, and seeing who will be cut.

Not the behavior of guys who are desperately trying ot save their jobs.

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Whose on IR that is “resting” and is healthy enough to play?

I feel like Matt (the big one), plus a lot of the injuries seem to be mysteriously popping up in practice, guys that look fine, etc.

Matt had broken bones in his back last year that didn’t heal after 9 months of offseason.

Players hate being on IR because it gets them labeled as injury especially guys that are pending free agents.

In fact I think we’ve seen dudes that obviously should have been deactivated play way more than they should have

I agree w/that…but not right now.
Does Patricia look like a guy that’s worried about losing his job to you?
In press conferences?
In desperation?
In trying new things w/D?
We get mixed reports on Matt’s back. Some think it is the end of him, while others say his injury is nowhere near as serious as what you think of, when you hear the words broken and back.

Truth will reveal itself eventually. You know what I think

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Find me a coach’s press conference that outwardly shows he’s getting fired or thinks he’s getting fired.

Matt Patricia is getting paid for 5 years whether he coaches the Detroit Lions or not.

He will also likely be welcomed back New England with open arms.

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Patricia strikes me as the type of guy who doesn’t care if he gets fired because he has a 5 year contract.
If he gets fired he is set for life.
He can sit back, buy boxes of pencils, never shave, never shower, never change his clothes, and eat frozen pizza, buckets of KFC, and value meal #6 from whatever fast food place he visits.
Yea, I can’t stand the guy.

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These are good points, but I still disagree. Dude is in no danger of losing his gig, IMO.

Well cool thing thing we will find out in about 16 days.

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Maybe we’ll find out sooner?


You must be new here.


Correct on all points plus Patricia and Quin are great schmoozers.