Raiders--a trade up candidate?

Trade with Lions for third overall pick

Conventional wisdom has the Raiders staying put at No. 12 and drafting the best wide receiver available among Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy, Oklahoma’s CeeDee Lamb and Alabama’s Henry Ruggs. All three represent a major upgrade and can complement a Raiders offense poised to be one of the most explosive in the NFL.

On the other hand, with the wide receiver prospect pool as deep as it’s been in years, the Raiders could wait until Day Two to address that position. If so, they can be aggressive with their two first-round picks to move up to secure a must-have player.

The Lions are in need of an infusion of talent and could be open for business at No. 3. The Raiders could seize the moment by sending Detroit their picks at 12 and 19, along with one of their three third-round picks and their second-round selection in 2021 to get possession of the third pick overall.

Once there, they’d have their pick among among coveted quarterbacks Tua Tagovailoa of Alabama and Justin Herbert of Oregon and linebacker Isaiah Simmons of Clemson.

Chances are the Raiders only make a move like this if coach Jon Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock are fixated on Tagovailoa or Herbert as the future face of the franchise. If so, Derek Carr, the presumed starter in 2020, immediately becomes a valuable trade asset, perhaps for a 2020 second-round pick, with recently signed Marcus Mariota taking over as the starter and serving as the bridge to either Herbert or Tagovailoa.

I’d do that deal.

I’d do that deal too.

Give me DE Chaisson and RB Swift or WR Jefferson if we do.

I would not do that deal. I would not want to drop out of the top 10 period. While there are some nice players that might be available in that area and the 2nd 1st round pick would be nice, I just think that the Lions would be missing out on a better quality player if they drop out of the top 10.

I’ve been a huge fan of Chaisson since the get go, however I’m nervous about his injury history and while talent wise is worthy of the pick I dont believe from a risk management standpoint Detroit is in a position to roll the dice. I think in that scenario if you want to fix the Offense you go Juedy, OT then best RB in rd 2. Or on the Defense, Kinlaw, Epenesa and Baun.

I like this trade; however, I don’t trust BQ to make the best decision picking players. He has proven in the past to bypass talent based on scheme fit.

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I want there 2021 1st as well if I’m dropping back that far. Or a couple good young players.

I think this draft has few can’t miss prospects. This draft lacks super star types. However I think there’s about 13-15 blue chip types in this draft.

But trading down to 12 and taking someone like Kinlaw is not much of a drop off. Add in the extra picks and your clearly ahead.

Yes very possibly. I think it’s going to end up being some team most people didn’t expect, trading up. Lots of teams need QBs, and no position is more valuable.

Chaisson is the pick i wouldn’t want. I would use the two first rd picks on Kinlaw an DT Trevon Diggs CB

I’d take 12-19-3rd for 5 and they get Herbert. We get 4x top 35 assuming we got at least 26 and 5 for 3