Rams lose their SEVENTH coach this offseason

Offensive line coach and running game coordinator Aaron Kromar now departing.

“Kromer is the seventh assistant to leave Sean McVay’s staff this offseason. The losses include defensive coordinator Brandon Staley, who became the Chargers’ head coach, passing game coordinator Shane Waldron, who became the Seahawks’ offensive coordinator, assistant offensive line coach Andy Dickerson, who joined Waldron in Seattle as running game coordinator, and linebackers coach Joe Barry, who became defensive coordinator in Green Bay.”

Belichick could pull off this sort of attrition in New England. Can Sean McVay?

Couple this with the Rams being super cash-strapped, not many draft picks and a roster that is losing key pieces, and I have visions of “Herschel Walker trade” dancing in my head.


I’m very much getting the impression of a young coach that’s allowed past success to inflate his ego. We’ll see. Maybe he’s got it all under control, but there’s this little voice that won’t go away, and it says that perhaps McVay wasn’t allowing Goff the freedom to be the quarterback he is capable of being. Just maybe. Just maybe we got Herchel Walker AND the draft picks. I’m getting my hopes up, I know. We’ll see.


You think McVay is pissing-off his staff?..or what’s going on where all the coaches are leaving?

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I like this ALOT! Whatever impedes the Rams success, I’m for it.

I love me some Stafford, but I love my Lions way way more.


We have 2 favorite teams next year from the Lions perspective…

The Lions
Whoever is playing the Rams


Don’t know, could be. Most of them, assuredly, were pursuing promotions. Aaron Kromar “mutually parting ways” caught my eye. He’s a solid coach. Maybe it’s health related, maybe he got pissed he wasn’t offered OC, but I can’t help but think it might be that McVay is getting unbearable to be around and Kromar senses a sinking ship.

Lot of speculation going on. Top view is that McVay was not happy with the OL performance in 2020 (as most fans weren’t). It couldn’t get tough yards when needed. It struggled bad against top fronts like Washington and Tampa Bay (though Goff did enough to win those games).

Overall I think that McVay is showing some red flags. He can get good coaches but can he keep them? Can he help them be them best selves or is it his way or the highway?

Definitely a good sign for the Lions as now the Lions have GM, Asst GM, Secondary Coach, and QB. All good pieces that will help the Lions get much better in 2021.


This is possible however within the industry this is a good look because people want to grow in opportunity so that means McVay has helped a lot of coaches

Contrast that with the opportunities created under Patricia or even Caldwell. Who moved up ladder ?
Bevel eith success still made lateral step.

This is what I’m seeing. The departures are mostly promotions, including one to HC and two to playcalling coordinators.

I have a hard time saying this is some sort of indictment on McVay.


OK, to bring this home just a little bit more…
He was the OL coach in 2016 when Lynn was the OC/RB Coach.
Lynn left in 2017 to become LAC HC.
He didn’t bring Komer with him, rather Komer went to LAR.

So, it would seem logical to assume he’s not headed here. :slight_smile:

It will be must see tv next year cheering against the Rams.

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Wow! This is the same Joe Berry that led the Lions defense to the perfect 0-16 season in 2008. He’s now running the Pack’s Defense, this is wonderful news!

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While I agree with this, I still wonder if McVay has the chops to deal with such a massive coaching group changeover.

This begs the question. Should we have Rams gameday threads where we pull for the other team?


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And we play them next year, so assuming we’re tanking by that point, who do we root for???

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Is this why coaches left Patricia too?..just sayin, if the coaches are leaving for advancement then yes it can be a good look for McVay, if they are leaving for lateral moves, not such a good look.

I could see a crash and burn for McVay, at least in the short term. He’s had quick success with pedal-to-the-metal aggression, tons of acclaim, and a scheme that took a while for the league to counter. That could spin even me with my world-class humility. It truly is world-class, but I digress…

And he’s young, only 35. Every life has regressions and corrections periodically, missteps that you learn from. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if this last gasp lunge for the Super Bowl by McVay sends him to the ego ICU.

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That’s covered in my last paragraph and is the point. If you’re up and coming coach , would you want to work with McVay who now has track record of advancement for others ?

Contrast that with the opportunities created under Patricia or even Caldwell. Who moved up ladder ?
Bevel with success still made lateral step.

I created a thread talking about the concept. Some coaches leave under normal circumstances but a majority of them are poached because teams want their little piece of boy wonder and what he has created there. The term “victim of his own success” applies. So in order to keep the magic going, he really and truly has to be the reason for the magic. He can’t have a secret Belichick type guy under his wing for years that nobody knows about or appreciates (Bill Parcells reference). The split second anyone shows any signs of promise under McVay…even if it’s only a single year…they are getting poached.

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Tanking…MC/DC doesn’t do tanking.

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