Rams made their move, what move could we make?

Are you saying Kyle Van Noy is an impact player.? Because he clearly isn’t. It was nice to have the ability to draft him but he clearly didn’t work out here.

Mike Evans.

We need a wide receiver with speed and an edge rusher

What’s the point in getting sacks if the refs are going to make up a calls when you do?

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I wouldn’t mind calling Washington about OG Brandon Scherff. He’s on an expiring deal. Or Trent Williams for that matter.

Starting to think we need to do something to shore up the run D too.

And a speed rusher on passing downs.

What is a sack for them, is a first down and a roughing penalty for us.

Only because he was a terrible fit for TA’s defense (ie stupid to draft him) and a perfect fit for the Belechick/Patricia defense (ie stupid to trade him for peanuts if you wanted to bring in Patricia eventually). So I don’t blame Quinn IF true to his statements that he was hoping it would work out with Caldwell/TA. If he was buying time for Patricia, then he should have kept KVN IMHO. Regardless, Van Noy is a good player starting on the best team in the NFL and that doesn’t happen to a bad player. He didn’t do well here because TA was convinced he had to be a cover OLB when he was a better version of Kennard.

I’d love to see a move for Von Miller. Denver is going nowhere in 2019 and they might as well start the rebuild right now. We’d finally have a guy who can get home on the pass rush, and have him locked up at through 2021 at Flowers type money. What kind of pick to give up? A 2nd & 4th in next year is about as wild as I’d get. But I think he’d be worth that and take this D to the next level.

This shouldn’t cost them much but can we find a better FB type than Bawden?

I know that sounds like a small thing, but from what I’ve seen it could make a difference.

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I think people overrate what Kyle Van Noy is doing in New England…and that’s coming from one of the biggest KVN slappies on this board when he was coming out. He’s gotten bigger and is not the dynamic player he was in college. He’s starting so that’s a good thing, but he’s limited physically. He’s a smart kid who can do multiple things and be where Bill wants him. He’s decent, but he’s not “OMG I can’t believe we let that guy go” good. I honestly think Tavai will be better in short order.

He does have 4 sacks so far.

The only type of player that would make much of an impact would be a pass rusher like Miller or a WR like Sanders. The rest really don’t move the needle much. I would love Larry Fitzgerald and a dependable 3rd down pair of hands, but he is unlikely as I think he wants to retire a Cardinal.

Force those miserable cheating sacks of shit to REALLY get creative…I wanna see some “Personal Foul, Defense, number 98. BMI violation. 15 yards. First Down, Green Bay” kinda buulllllllsssshit.

You don’t think a guy like Patrick Peterson would be impactful for a team that plays man on 1st and 2nd, then drops 9 into coverage on 3rd down?

Might be controversial but these re moves I would consider:
I like any move bringing E. Sanders in. I have liked him forever.
I like trading for Trent Williams and bringing Decker to RT, Wagner isn’t earning his money.
Von Miller was the first name I considered for DE.
And, I have been fiending on Peterson for awhile at CB.

I would love to get Golden Tate back…he is signed for 3 more years at $8, $8.5 & $6 million per, with only his $8 Million dollar 2020 salary in guaranteed money on the hook to the team trading for him . The Lions wanted to keep him and according to Albert Breer had offered him a contract prior to the trade but Tate felt he was worth more …I think the Lions would have jumped at an opportunity to sign Tate at the 3 year numbers I noted above .
The Giants got a keeper in Sterling Shepard who is also a slot guy who they gave a contract to after Tate had been signed and is 5 years younger …He would click immediately with Stafford and be a huge upgrade to what Amendola has been doing . I’d give up a 3rd for him in a heart beat .

Tate won’t be coming back. Not a chance. He was one of the biggest complainers of MP and the way he ran his camp. The Lions made a low offer that they knew he wouldn’t except and then traded him.

I know you’ve got your ear to the ground more than most here, but I’m kinda skeptical when I hear things like this. I agree he’s not coming back, and I think he’s lost a step and probably won’t be worth that kind of money over the next few years, especially when you can find a guy in the draft who can replace his production at a fraction of the cost (might take a pick in rounds 2-3 but would be worth the $$$).

Anyhow, Tate was always vocal about loving Detroit and if the money were close I doubt he’d leave only because of discomfort with the culture change. But, I could be wrong…

Tate did want to stay… problem was he was too vocal towards his new HC and got himself on the hot seat as a result. The story I heard … from two separate and very reliable sources … is Tate felt there was no pleasing Matt P… Matt P. Was all over everyone’s ass and Tate felt it was unwarranted to be on his ass… Tate was whining to everyone from trainers, to security, etc that there’s no way to please MP… I know more than heard this story… told a few people and two weeks later Tate is traded…

If you want my opinion on this … I think Matt P. made some rookie HC mistakes. He came in with a chip on his shoulder and burnt a few bridges with players. By the time players started to buy in he had already created some friction with some. He chose to send anyone who disagreed with him packing as to get his message across loud and clear… Matt P. willingly admitted to these mistakes to both media and fans this last offseason. I heard his camp wasn’t as grueling this last offseason and he’s been far more forgiving this season. So he’s toned it down some.

I still don’t expect him to bring anyone he sent packing last year back. It sends mixed messages.


Don’t disagree, but having him would have saved us from spending on Kennard, who’s been decent but that money could have gone elsewhere while we were spending second round pick money on KVN. What burns me is what we got for him, as he starts for the best team in the NFL. I think we got one husk from a pistachio nut in the deal…

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