Rams release Todd Gurley

Just breaking from Schefter.

That escalated quickly

dang beat me to it, crazy news NFL is wild

So you’re telling me there’s a chance…?

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So everyone’s got a look at his xrays then?

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Gurley will sign with Tampa Bay.

They have no RB and plenty of money to throw at him. Perfect pairing for Brady.


It’s crazy to me that 3 of the top RB’s from just 2-3 years ago are free agents or on new teams. Kareem Hunt was a stud, then got released and picked up by the Browns.

Easily replaced enough that his former team won the SB without him. Gordon and Gurley were great just recently and are now FA’s. Even LeSean McCoy was good a few years ago and is now a FA with little interest after being an afterthought last season. Am I missing anyone?

RB just doesn’t hold much value today? Also says that our RBBC this year will lead to us drafting a Kerryon replacement this year or next instead of giving him a 2nd contract.

Kareem Hunt brutally assaulted his girlfriend in a hotel…he should not be playing in the NFL and should be in jail!!


Gurley’s rookie contract would have run through the 2019 season. Rams basically gave Gurley an extra $22.5M above his rookie contract and he played zero games on the extension that he signed in 2018.


he had a rough 2019 running for 3.8 YPC…and typically , he misses one game a season.

You might be confusing RBs. Ray Rice is the guy you’re thinking of. KH did kick a person who was drunkenly harrassing him in a hotel. He got released because it was caught on tape and it was a woman. The Chiefs chose a domestic abuser at WR and there wasn’t room on the team for another.

Arthritis in the knee is a bitch. I know how this guy feels.

no kareem hunt pushed and kicked a lady on the ground…he might not have punched upon looking at video but he did shove a woman multiple times


also upon reviewing the video I will retract my statement he should be in jail, i thought he punched the woman as well. my mistake.

Wrong RB, that was Rice.

What Hunt did wasn’t great, but objectively not even close to what Rice did.



Nobody would want that contract for a running back. 45M for the next 3 years.

20M dead money and negative cap savings…he must really have issues.

I misspelled “definitely” … My bad


Supposedly there’s all these vets contacting Tampa Bay to say they want to come play on the Bucs with Brady.
Gurley might be the next to contact them.

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