Ramsey dealt to Rams

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Eagles fans and possibly even Cowboy fans will be losing their Minds over this one

Jags got quite a haul. Glad we didn’t do that.


Kind of depends on if the Rams offense comes around. If not I could see their 2020 pick being in the 15-20 range. Not sure how much better they are next year tbh. Jax gets two good but not great first rounders in all likelihood.

I get it from the adams POV. Things get much harder for them in a couple years when Goff is making 35m

2 firsts? Insanity.

I just read a tweet that stated that if the Rams don’t trade back into the first round then they will go without a first-round pick for 5 consecutive years 2017 through 2021

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can’t help but wonder what the league offered the rams to make this deal to take some of the talk of the bs refs away

The draft is a crapshoot and Ramsey will be one of the best corners in the league for years to come. I think the value is fair.

Power move by the Rams. Donald and Ramsey on the field together will be fun to watch.

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Yeah should be good synergy there.

I love the move.

Plus a 4th.

It’s a big move.

Would you want us to give up two 1st and a 4th for him?

I’d be okay with that

Fair enough. Not sure I would want us to but I would have to consider it for sure