Ranking the Lions biggest needs

Justin Rogers just put out an article ranking the Lions needs. I didn’t really agree with it. Not 100% anyway. So I’m curious what the denmates think are our biggest needs.

Here’s the article for reference. Do you agree with Justin’s take?

DT (2 of them)

QB may be a need in the very near future.

I would hope that LB would be a higher priority!

DT - With both RObinson and Daniels set to hit FA and Snacks future up in the air, This is the spot the Lions need the worse. It is one of the few reasons that I could see Brown being the pick over anyone else except for Young.
Edge - While getting Young would be great, I am not sure if the Lions will be able to go that way. In either case they need an upgrade for Kennard, he just is not filling that OLB/Edge player very well. TIme for some young blood.
OT - Wagner has not shown he is worth the money he is receiving from the Lions. IMO it is time to move on and bring in a young player to fill the RT position.
CB - I mention this only because Melvin had so many issues last season. I can not think of a game that he did not get called for either holding or PI. Maybe the young guy will take his spot, if not I can see the Lions getting his replacement this offseason.
OG- At the least the Lions need a new backup at the position and maybe a starter depending on how Glasgow is handled.
RB - While I still like KJ, his lack of availablity really leaves the Lions no choice. They can not go into another season hoping he stays healthy. There are many in the Draft that I like and hopefully the Lions will get one of them.
WR - This falls into more of the long term look. With Jones probable leaving next offseason, the Lions should look to get a good #2 out of the draft, unless they believe they have one already on the roster.

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I would have WR much higher, we literally have none signed past 2020. Sure, I expect us to re-sign Golladay, but that will give us exactly 1 signed past 2020.

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If you look at it from a “biggest hole” philosophy
From a biggest impact philosophy
DT - Makes everyone on the D better immediately, if we get the right guy

Edge and RB - possibly equal - depends on the DE and the RB. A home run hitting RB changes the way opposing Ds approach us. Right now, if we get a back in open field, they may get burned for 7-20 yards, with a very rare 20+. If we have a guy that costs them points, they have to think a lot more about play action. Gets WRs more open, extends Matt’s career, Helps OL, makes us less predictable because we have more options with WRs, more time, etc
-a nasty Edge guy that changes the entire game, in conjunction w/ a DT (and what I believe Flowers to be)…awesome upgrade. I could go either way

OT - allows us to use TEs as targets rather than blockers, as well as protects our best player…and freeing up the WRs

CB - Playmaker that can create turnovers would be fantastic, while an upgrade to an Average NFL CB would be acceptable, at this point. I’m all for filling this need via FA, if it can be done. If Slay leaves, slide this up to #2 priority.

WR - I really like our current group, and KG is here to stay, but we may have to replace Jonesy, and Amendola is older than Jesus. I hope they bring our current squad back, possibly pick up a FA or late-round dude for depth, and more seriously address this issue next offseason, as I think we have time to kick this can down the road safely.