Rashaad Penny

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Seahawks have received calls from teams interested in Rashaad Penny leading up to Tuesday’s 4 PM ET trade deadline.

Despite his first-round pedigree (though many deemed his selection at 27th overall a reach), Penny has failed to keep pace with Chris Carson, who has emerged as a legitimate NFL workhorse. That could make Penny expendable and while the Seahawks will surely command a pretty penny (no pun intended) for the former San Diego State Aztec, Rapoport’s NFL Network colleague Mike Garafolo believes a trade ahead of Tuesday’s deadline is certainly “possible.” Penny, who has battled hamstring woes throughout his sophomore campaign, was held without a touch in last week’s loss to Baltimore.

I wonder if he is someone the Lions might try to target? They tried to trade for him after Seattle drafted him. He has battled injuries but we already know the front office loves him. What would it take to get him? What would that mean for Kerryon? Seattle has issues at TE, would they have any interest in Jesse James? I see a lot of Drake talk and I like him too but I find Penny possibly being available very interesting. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this?

I like Drake more than Penny. I just hope we try to get SOMEONE and not just go with the current cast of characters.

I still think Penny can be pretty damn good.

Given the price tag I certainly prefer Drake though.

As for the OP’s question, I think James would be of interest to the Seahawks. With us eating his signing bonus they are left with cap numbers of about 500k for the rest of this year and 3.8m for next year. They can then cut him after 2020 without cap implication or if they so choose pay him some of that 16m over the final three years of his deal.

Maybe we send them back the 5th we got and James for Penny.

I’m not sure why all this love for Drake, his ypc have gone every year for 4 straight seasons.

I think Penny is our #1 target but it will depend on the asking price. BQ had such a crush on Penny that when he missed out on him that he drafted his FB and signed his RT from SDSU.

Me too. I think Drake is a legit 4.5 ypc guy with a bit more ceiling than that, good out of the backfield. Perfect #2 to hold the fort until KJ gets healthy.

In any case, if I were Quinn I’m drafting draft a RB high next season.


If rumors were true we were very high on Penny in that draft

I wouldn’t mind kicking the tires as he’s ran for 5 yards a carry.

The reunion with Bawden to form the dream backfield of SD State in Detroit would be complete. And he kind of reminds me of a poor man’s Lynch a little bit.

Kicking the tires ? If we acquire Penny it would not be a kicking the tires scenario, no way the Lions acquire Penny with out the very least a 2nd round pick offered which I’m fine with as KJ & Penny would make a hell of a RB combo in a #1A & #1B scenario for the future .

Or a lower pick with another player included going to Seattle. I said this about a week ago in another Thread about possible running backs to pick up that Seattle is considered to be desperate for a tight end. And that there might be interest of getting penny from Seattle using that type of trade scenario.

Maybe it’s just me but I would rather address the Oline. Maybe it’s the Oline coach. They are not generating push/dominating the line and are missing a lot of key blocks.

we would be trying Penny out here to see how productive he is or isn’t ….AKA trying him out=kicking the tires, meaning there is no guarantee Penny will stay healthy or produce the way we want/hope.

Nope it’s not … Trading for Penny is not a kick the tires scenario. Trading for Penny will have us on the hook for a full $4 Million in guaranteed money out of our pockets, along with a 2.5 year commitment to him. Also it will involve a significant Draft pick on top of the guaranteed money for a player that’s only signed for 2.5 more years & one that we would have 1.5 years to decide to use the 5th year option on .

Kicking the tires on a player is to bring a player in for a workout or a short test run, that has little to no consequence if brought in , no real impact or investment if we decide that player is not for us.

Penny would be none of these things and would be the highest paid RB on our team costing us more to cut him than Kerryon Johnson while giving Penny more guaranteed money from us then we gave KJ for a 4 year contract. Quinn better me damn sure Penny is the missing piece to the stable not a we will see if it works out move.

Meh, what is our 2nd/3rd string TE (James) making to give us virtually nothing? Do we want to have a shot this year or are you ready to mail it in and make really smart financial moves for 2020? Is Rashaad Penny Marshawn Lynch? No. Would he immediately be the best RB on our roster THIS year? Hell yes he would. Is he the best option that will be available to us THIS year? Not sure, but if there is someone better we can get, let me know. 4M over 2.5 years doesn’t seem like all that much money to whine about to me when our ground game sucks donkey balls and we are still .500 going into November.

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We would own his rights for the rest of 2019, 2020 and even 2021. Then we’d have the ability to control him for 2022 thru picking up his 5th year option. For comparison of what that might look like, Melvin Gordon’s 5th year option was around $5.7M. I would definitely have to agree with you that salary isn’t even remotely a factor.

Don’t forget it was rumored the Lions called the Seahawks to see what it would take to get Penny right after the Seahawks drafted him. He’s was high on Quinn’s list going into that draft.

i think we signed enough guys with injury problems—we want to be the detroit lions with a roar–not the walking wounded with a whine

Not that I want the Lions to buy but it’ll send a real bad message to the fanbase and the team for that matter if Quinn winds up doing nothing after selling off Diggs.

Not remotely stating that his price is cost prohibitive , it’s not . It’s the idea that you acquire Penny for a 2nd round draft pick in 2020 and guarantee him $4 Million over the next 2.5 years before he steps foot into Detroit or a total of $11 Million over 3.5 years if you do pick up the option as a kick the tires scenario …I would love to have him now and would do it .