Ravens vs Rams

Baltimore looks really hard to beat. As long as Jackson is healthy, they have to be the Super Bowl favorites.

Absolutely. I’m loving being able to watch this. I’m ignoring a “little hold here” or “little pass interference” there by the Ravens. For many teams in the league, they simply let those calls go and let the magic happen. With us they would be calling some of them…at the very least the ones that mattered.

To me it is the Patriots until somebody beats the Patriots in a playoff game

Last year I made a lot of money because the Patriots had to play last years darling the Chiefs in the AFCC and had the longest odds of any of the 4 teams left. I bet the Patriots to win the Super Bowl before the AFCC as the underdog then bet them again in the Super Bowl

The Ravens are this years Chiefs to me.

I am more impressed by what SF did to the Packers last night than I am the Ravens

Thats a fumble

Wow what a boring game…all these hyped games this weekend and they were mostly duds.

The Ravens actually have a defense.

For the love of god I hope the Pats find a way to start losing and the entire dynasty quickly crumbles to the ground. As I’ve told people before, I am totally over it. I love greatness and I appreciate it. But even the best things have a limit. Some people were already sick of the Warriors run they had, and that was barely a handful of years. The Patriots dynasty is going on nearly 20 years at this point, and its growing stronger in recent years…where damn near every Super Bowl has them in it. I’m over it. I’m a Lions fan. My favorite team sucks, and will never even be IN a Super Bowl, much less win one. One of my joys in life is to watch new teams in the big game and watching the new players and new fan bases react to a championship. The Pats rob me of that small joy I am supposed to have.


I can get behind the killer instinct

Lamar Jackson has the computer on Easy mode. Insane.

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with our Lions, that pass is incomplete 100 times out of 100

There are a lot more mobile due threats QBs in the league now than in the past.

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I hear you.

I didn’t say i WANTED the Patriots to win it all.

But I bet with my head not my heart…

But then…the Patriots are in a lot of Super Bowls and almost all the AFCC games…but they only WON back to back one time…so this might not be their year.

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