RB Contracts

This should influence some teams in where certain RBs get drafted. I think there’s going to be a run in Rd 2 similar to 2018.

RBs typically don’t last long in the NFL. How much sense does it make to give an RB $16 mil a year, knowing he could blow out his knee at any time? Which is one reason why many teams use an RBBC approach, you don’t have the superstar RB but you do have some extra money to spend on a few other positions.

I understand what your saying about having one star RB ala Barry on your team…the beast, the workhorse of your RB se where you may have your beast and maybe a guy behind him like McCaffery…so you don’t run a RBBC.

But we always do. I look at it as we need a star/beast #1 RB , then #'s 2, 3, 4 taper off some in talent in RBBC.
you number two is just as important durability and skill-wise as your #1 bc if/when some injury happens to your #1 guy.

IMO, the #2 then steps up and there isn’t some huge fall off in production while the star RB heals.

Dude! Just how much cap space are you going to invest in your RBs? Your RB1 gets $15mil, your RB2 gets $10 mil if he’s anywhere near McCaffery, your 3rd RB gets, what, $5 mil? How much are you going to pay your QB1, and your QB2? What about your WR1 and WR2, and WR3? What about your OL, where’s the money going to come from to have a decent OL, otherwise your shit-hot RBs won’t have anywhere to go with the ball and your franchise QB is going to be eating dirt quite often and not likely to last through the season. And we haven’ even talked about the defense yet.

Either you have a star/beast RB or you have an RBBC. You can’t have both because that star/beast is going to eat up most the money that should be allocated for your backfield as soon as his rookie contract is up. So, are you just going to let him walk, and then try to draft the next star/beast? Isn’t that kinda what the Lions have been trying to do for about 60 years now? And failing. Why? Because those guys tend to incur more injuries than most, look at the Lions’ RB history and how much 1st and 2nd round picks never lasted past their first 4 years.

I think the Lions would be better off long-term if they eschewed the star/beast for a superior OL that a UFDA like Raheem Mostert can run for 200 yards against the effing Packers in the playoffs, and a good defense that can hold the other guys to the low 20s so the Lions Offense doesn’t have to score 30-40.

I don’t think it makes good business sense to give a RB a second contract.

Their production is too easily replaced by a player on a rookie deal.

Wear most of the tread off their tires and let someone else open the check book.

those teams that have a nice stable of backs they pay for that. and are quite productive and useful for their teams.

We haven’t had it good since Barry left in 1989. IF you want a notable difference running the football here in Detroit ? you will have to pay large for that especially when you use 1-4 backs.

history has shown what we KEEP doing, isn’t panning out. running-wise.

Agree, for the most part. Depends on the value to the team vs the money required to extend the RB. Some guys price themselves out of town, but one good thing about RBBC is that if one guy goes down to injury or plays out his contract then you don’t have as much production to replace. Which generally is cheaper than spending high draft capital every 4-5 years or big FA bucks. A lot of the GM’s business is about balance - offense vs defense, passing game vs running game.

There are or could be times where extending an RB past his rookie year could be good business. Don’t be too sure that you can replace a vet RB who leaves with a rookie, many of them are not quite NFL-ready in their 1st year. Either they ain’t quite dependable enough to catch the ball or pass pro when they have to or just ball security when they tote rock.

There are a number of reasons for that, it’s more than just the quality of the Lions RBs. Outside of Barry, most Lions RBs have not played too many season before they are injured and pretty much done. This team has had shit for an OL for how long now, especially when it comes to run-blocking. And our OCs have not been as creative and unpredictable as they should have been, and there are a number of different reason for that too.

" IF you want a notable difference running the football here in Detroit ? you will have to pay large for that especially when you use 1-4 backs. "

I’d argue that isn’t so, not if you have a good OL and a good OC and a good QB that can get it downfield enough to where the other defense has a real problem. You don’t have to pay large for a good rushing attack unless you extend a premier RB or sign a top RB FA.

If they can get another 10 yards per game, then the Lions are in the top half of the NFL for a rushing attack. If KeJo can give us 14 games and Scarbrough does too and they draft an RB on Day 3 and sign an FA like McKissic was, then this team will be just fine running the ball. IMHO, they don’t need a Taylor or Dobbins as much as they need a better pass rush, a starting CB, and a starting RG. At a minimum.

Wise I like what you said in the posts above but this comment slightly contradicts that. WE NEED good running backs like this who are CHEAP on rookie deals. If we run the ball effectively we keep our defense off the field so that lessens the need for great CBs and a rush. I know it goes both ways but the only way you get an explosive running back cheap is in the draft.

We have KJ …health has been the issue , under Bevell the Lions were looking to get the ball in his hands nearly 17 times a game …

The skill set needed to be the RB#1 here is a complete RB , pass pro, running inside and out , a pass catcher a RB that thrives from Shotgun …
These RB’s are first round talent RB’s that can be had in the 2nd …If the Lions feel KJ cant carry the load as I do… a RB should be in play in round #2 & I have no issue with that .

But the 49ers signed Mostert off the street and he had enough explosion to hang 200 yards on GB in the playoffs. Bo Scarbrough showed some explosiveness for us later in the season last year, as did Joique Bell some years back.

I am fine with drafting an RB, but I just don’t want one until Day 3. This draft has plenty of good RBs that will still be on the board in the 4th and 5th rounds; as I said, I believe the Lions should be using their 4 picks on Day 1 and 2 elsewhere, such as CB, DT, Edge, and RG. If they TD, then they could add a guy like Simmons and still get those 4 other positions filled. Or add an RB in the 3rd round, I’ve seen some mocks that have Dobbins sliding into the 3rd.

Not sure where I offered any contradictions, could be cuz I post kinda by the seat of my pants. Sitting down you know. Didn’t mean to confuse anybody, but I’ve tried to be clear.

This is just not true, you can bring in a the talent you want on defense , it’s not the talent it’s the scham. What good is all these pass rushers you want, if by design you only rush 3. Patricia defense does not emphasize the rush. But our offense is trying to emphasize the Run. This team will survive on the offense , why not try to be great on one side of the ball at least. And if good RB are so easy to aqiure why haven’t we had one in 20 years. Depending on Johnson is very nieve. This offense is a big play RB and a WR that can take the top off and a Olineman or 2 from being really good

I also think the talent level and production for RB’s is easier to see …The damn good ones shine when evaluations are done and Jump off the tape & the teams that take RB early miss much less often …

In 2019 alone 12 of the top 15 RB’s were players drafted in round #1 or #2 . That’s not coincidence.

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you can’t have a team that is one-sided, so that your just plain Fu@&36 if your defense see’s the field…only to be shut completely down just like 2019. you have to have SOME strength on both lines so your not just getting beat one way or the other all the time. you are right Mouse , our Offense is closer…whereas our defense was dead last in 2019…we were an steaming pile last season and won 3 games…70% of that is on the morons running/leading this team , and 30% was player errors and injuries. The offense couldn’t overcome it all.

NOW , I’m not saying that our defense HAS to be top ten, but I’d accept 20th because that’s a notable step forward from 2019. It’s twelve steps/notches higher or better.

I get your point, but I also think it’s obvious that the Lions talent on defense wasn’t very good. Partly due to injuries, and partly due to a coaching failure to make it harder on offenses to read what the Lions were doing on offense. If you’re going to rush only 3 then you gotta have 3 pretty good rushers that can apply at least some pressure but the Lions didn’t have that, and their secondary wasn’t able to cover guys that long so the QB often had all day to run through his options. Sometimes 2 or 3 times. Was Patricia doing it differently here vs NE? I don’t think so, he didn’t have the talent that he had there.

Yeah I get that but with what we signed and have in this scham I think one more rusher is all they really have room for and some depth, I still think you can get that and still draft Taylor too or other offense help. I think we need both. I would try to finish offense sprinkled with as many defenseive helpers as possible.