RB Group

The Lions passed a ton because that was Oakland’s weakness.

Anyone else think the RB corps had a pretty good game? I thought Ty ran the ball pretty well. He took a few big shots but that was Stafford’s fault.

JDM looks like a very solid pickup. 8 yards per carry. 40 yards receiving with a nice TD.

Perkins had 3 carries for 16 yards.

4.8 RPC from the running backs. That seems nice, but each of them had 1 good run and nothing else.

JDM had a 13 yarder
Ty had a 10 yarder
Perkins had a 13 yarder

Without those 3 plays, they had 13 carries for 41 yards combined. I get it, every yard counts, but overall, we have not been able to pose a real running threat in any game this year. Which is why it was shit all stupid to come out of a timeout and have Bevell dial up that dumb ass play where he went play action to his 3rd string running back and threw to his 3rd string tight end with the season on the line.

And if you took away Barry’s long runs…


You not only stalk me on a daily basis, but you also just compared JD McKissick to Barry Sanders. Might want to walk that back a bit, or take a break from here.

I don’t think the issues are with the running backs. It’s the blocking. Until they fix the run blocking, we will never have a great running game.

The Oline is not winning at the line of scrimmage and getting to the 2nd level.

I like Ty Johnson although he needs a lot more grooming. I think McKissick is every bit good as Johnson and an even better receiver.

Don’t bring the hate but I think Kerryon is very overated.


This feels weird saying this Bc guys usually do it too much but I think Ty needs to bounce more runs to the outside. Did it once on Sunday for a first down.

What’s their average if you take away their 3 worst runs?

We all stalk eachother. That’s the point of a message board, AND actually moderating it.

I wouldn’t get too flattered.

How can we possibly know that based on like 6 fully healthy games in his career…