Realistic on what we get for Stafford?

I heard Detroit radio host saying that lions should trade Stafford if we get two 1 st rd picks for him . I can’t understand the hype Stafford is getting . Have we seen enough from Stafford these many years . He couldn’t even win a division , he is not a leader , don’t speak up when team keep losing , also he can’t still read defense under pressure and no accuracy . When other teams know all these facts , why they pay two 1 st rd picks for him ? If a team qb get injured , max we get for him is a 5 th rd pick , that’s the truth .He is known as garbage time qb for a reason because even as a veteran he can’t make plays when defense come to his face. Better build right now staying away from Stafford getting a dual threat qb like minshew. Minshew and mayfield are same , but mayfield has no success due to his arrogance


His value is as low as it’s been since the day he was drafted. He’s not really tradeable at this point. If you want to move on from the Stafford era, you take a QB high this year and if Stafford comes back healthy, you could deal him for a decent haul mid season next year. Anything prior to that is basically impossible.

Probably a 2nd or 3rd. QBs who have a broken back, 11 years of NFL miles on their bodies, huge contracts and are proven losers aren’t big ticket items. There are so many decent stop gap QBs out there this off season there won’t be a market for Stafford anyways.

Lions will most likely end up cutting him or trading him after next season. It’s not realistic to do so financially this off season.

I agree with jiggy, 2 nd or 3 rd is possible with a team that has good offensive line . This year everything changed you can not win anymore with qbs like manning and Brady . We better draft minshew , Lamar mold . Only that brand of qbs work . Need to shut down over rated qbs like Rivers , Stafford , Ryan who chokes in big games. I think our back up qb played some plays moving around which Stafford was unable to do too .

I agree w/this. I feel like if his back does end up being a long-term thing, we’re super-screwed.

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13 1rsts and 12 2nds outta do :roll_eyes:

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One thing I don’t understand is when fans saying we will do big when Stafford is healthy next year is hilarious , we have not seen any greatness from Stafford when we were packed with good offensive players in some years . Stafford is milking time and money sugaring Ford family , I know he is the biggest mouth in the closed door making all decisions . Release Stafford end of next year , release woods , lions will be in better shape. If I was an owner like Arthur blank , I should have traded Stafford long time back , I will not waste my hard earned money on a non game changer qb, especially after his first term evaluation


Translation - people who disagree with me are a joke. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to think the way you do.

YOu’ll say otherwise, and may actually mean it when you say it, but that’s because you’ve never had another frame of reference other than your own. You communicate like a naughty toddler that’s trying to get attention.

Hard to talk football with someone whose words have no substance. Anyone whose opinion doesn’t coincide with mine is laughable. Sorry, bro. I really do hope it gets better for you, one day.

Does stafford really seem like the type of person to basically steal money (“milk,” as you put it)? Dude has done amazing things here. More to come.


I am not toddler any more , Millen took one decade of my lions football , now another one Quinn taking another decade , I will say Mayhew was better , atleast took us to playoffs few time. Some times you don’t Ask questions to football experts , average fans like me has better observations than experts

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Trading him sounds great, but you need to have a team that has the cap room for him, the resources to swing the deal, and consider Stafford to be a difference maker.
I am not an expert on the finances of NFL contract, but I believe the Lions would incur a 24.8 million dollar dead cap hit with the trade; to replace Stafford, you would either need to go with a rookie QB (I can’t believe Quinn and Patricia would consider that) or sign a low level veteran like Ryan Fitzpatrick. The other team would be responsible for the base rate, roster bonus, and other bonuses. I believe the signing bonus is paid by the Lions. Plus the other team may want to sign Stafford to an extension. If you are going to trade considerable capital to get a QB, you are going to want him for more than a season or two. Do you really think he is going to take less than what he makes now? He was the highest paid player in the NFL in 2019 and will be one of the highest paid again over the next 2 years. Throw in the back concerns, and I don’t see how any team could give up draft capital and throw considerable financial resources at Stafford.
So, what team(s) would be willing to take a risk? I can’t think of many.
Teams with QB questions
Bears, Panthers, Dolphins, Bengals, Colts, Jags, Chargers, Titans, Patriots, Bucs
I think you can eliminate the Bengals right away because of Joe Burrow
The Titans are going to re-sign Tannehill.
The Colts have Brissett under contract for next year with a 12.5 dead cap hit and 21.5 cap hit
The Jags have a 33.8 dead cap hit with Foles and 22.1 cap hit
Have to believe the Bucs will give Winston another year.
I highly doubt the Bears and Lions would make a trade with one another
That leaves the Panthers, Dolphins, and Chargers
With a new coach in Carolina, I would think that they would go with a young QB.
The Dolphins are going to take a QB in the 1st round
Patriots…they like Stidham a lot.
That leaves the Chargers. Why would they trade draft capital for Stafford and then dole out a big contract when they could just re-sign Rivers for a year or two.
With guys like Newton, Bridgewater, Tannehill, Fitzpatrick, Rivers, and possibly Eli and Brady out there, why would any team that wanted a veteran QB trade draft capital when they could sign guys that are healthy for less money than what Stafford would likely want?
The trade scenario seems very unlikely.


I think Quinn can get four 5th round picks for him.


Yeah he get four 5 th rd for Stafford . Also he will trade our 3 rd pick for two additional picks and will be the typical choir boys who can’t make big plays and only win community awards

Wow. You really dislike Stafford.


My problem with Stafford is his lack of passion when we keep losing , it’s a personality thing from rich neighborhood qbs . Give him less money then you will see him speak up . If he cared for the team , he should have restructured now and helped us get better free agents like Brady did , so no way I support Stafford till hE proves he can win a meaningful game

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I’m not sure if the original poster deserves a response but …

Bruce Arians loves Stafford. I’d bet he’d trade us Winston and a 1st to get him.

If KC can get a 3rd and a CB for Smith the Lions can get a first plus.

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Arians who also said Davis is one of the best MLB’s in the game? People shouldn’t take coach speak so serious.

Titans didn’t have a qb, wishenhunt still choose titans over lions , he knows something about Stafford . Even last year we were discussing Stafford was not Patricia’s qb, that was a valid point . Bevell is good , even our back up qb played well in his offense . We were saying Stafford was lighting up this year , that’s not true , remember raiders had a bad defense and in shoot out Carr beat Stafford , that says Stafford cant win when it matters , consistency is his big issue ,

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Happy people do happy things. Angry people do angry things. People project outwardly how they truly feel about themselves. When people are rough on other people (rude, judgmental, short, angry, etc), they are 10x harder on themselves. People who love themselves, love others. People who hate themselves … you get the idea.

John Gruden also has a high regard for Stafford. He might consider moving one of his #1’s plus Derek Carr for Stafford. Carr could benefit from such a move.