Realistic Question

What is the least amount of compensation you would be willing to take from Miami to trade from #3 to #5. I know I personally want more than this but I would be fine with only getting a 3rd rounder And a future mid-round pick to complete the trade with Miami. The reason is that I firmly believe #3 overall is too high to draft a CB and we would 90% most likely still be taking Okaduh at #5 so any compensation is better than nothing.


Realistically, the least I would take changes
From Miami I want 5-18. Hang up the phone.
From the Chargers, I think they have two seconds. From them, I want the same deal the Colts got their two seconds this year and a second next year + #6
From the Jaguars, 9-20.
From the Raiders, 12-19.

So if they decline those offers, who are you taking #3 overall?

I’d play poker with them, and take Tua, and immediately offer him up for trade…I think they would get a decent deal.


Young. Okudah or Simmons if I had to but there are enough suitors here, so I don’t think it comes to that. There is the option of taking Tua. I wouldn’t, but it is an option.

And a pick next yr

I understand your thinking and fully believe there is a market but I can also see where teams just aren’t willing to give up draft capital that we all feel we will get. My point here was if you were Quinn and there isn’t the market that we think there will be, do you trade no matter what down to #5 (I know I would).

No. 39 or

Nos. 56 & 70

It all depends on Washington. If they trade out of #2 for a QB, it will be VERY hard to trade out of #3, not that I think we would want to.

In that scenario, most teams would expect Young and Simmons to go #3 & #4 (in either order).

If Washington stays put, 3 possible picks for them. Young/Simmons/OT.

Obviously the OT pick would be best case scenario for us as then we could trade down to #5 with Miami and still get either Young or Simmons. If Washington stays put and takes either Young or Simmons, I think we stay at #3 and take the other.

I still believe the trade market for Tua will be very robust. I think Miami, SD, Jax and maybe CAR will be in play. Going down to 9 worries me somewhat but at the right price I’d go ahead and do it.

To answer your question I’d want at least +500 on the trade chart. So equivalent value plus a high second.

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Teams that need a QB and think tua is going to be a top 10 QB will give up the farm to get him. Do not be surprised if 4 QB go in the top 10 and 6 go in the first round.mho

Fans an media keep looking at all the picks Miami have to use to trade . Lions don’t really need many more this season . A team that really wants Tua can trade this year an next.

The Chargers for example could trade 6…37 this year an next years first an third.

Some combination like that so in 2020 Lions would add another high second an have two 1’s in 2021 .

When teams want a certain player like a QB you can throw away the chart.

I can see Lions getting picks this season an next.

Do forget other teams offering good deals that include next season picks also. They may not have a lot this season but doesn’t stop them also including future picks.

Lions will get there first rd in 2020 an likely a second this year an then future picks.

So the Colts made the same move up from 6 for two current seconds and a third second the following year. That is three seconds, and the Colts second round picks were higher.

The least amount I would want is at least an extra 1st round pick (this year or next), or several round 2 and 3 picks.

I know I am on an island, but I don’t think teams are going to give up picks to trade up for this crop of QBs. But people seem to use the past as a explanation of the future, when it just isn’t realistic.

I’d be quite content with 5, 39 and 70 :grin:

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So if your asking price is a 1st and other teams decide that is too steep, you are staying at #3? This is where I do t think people are understanding the question. Are folks willing to trade back to 5 for a lot less than what is being projected? I know I sure would.

Well also your question doesn’t tell me what happened before they got to number 3. What if (not going to happen) the Charger move up to #2 and take the QB that the Bengals didn’t take. There are too many scenarios to just say what would be the least amount you would take to drop from 3 to 5. Moving from 5 to 3 should realistically only cost a high second round pick. So in a finite world where I don’t know what happens without even putting players in the equation, it would have to be a high 2nd round pick minimum or no deal and I would just take the highest player on my board.

Welcome to the board. If they are willing to trade after you select him they will be willing to trade before you select him.

If BQ were a smart man and a good GM. He would convince Mia and SD that they have at least two other teams trying to trade up with them.

To answer the OP - I wouldn’t take anything less than a 2nd rounder this year.

But let me throw out a hypothetical here.

Lions trade with Mia for a 2nd this year and another conditional pick next year. Either a 3rd, 2nd or 1st round pick depending on how Tua performs.

For example if Tua doesn’t start a single game in 2020 then the Lions get just a 3rd next year. If he starts one game then they get a 2nd. But if he starts more than 7 games we get Mia’s 2021 1st rounder but we have to give them our 2021 3rd rounder.

I could see a trade that had some weird agreements in it like that and I’d do that trade. Mia would feel pressure to start him and if he’s healthy and cleared to play that may prove difficult.

Great thoughts and speculation Air, but you give our GM way too much credit for being this creative. His creativity thus far has been on par with a finger painting kindergartener.

I firmly believe he has already locked on to his guy at #3 and it’s not one of our consensus picks.