Reality sets in: Season Done

A team the flirts with the last place in defence isn’t going anywhere, let alone to the playoffs.

So, where do the Lions go from here?

  1. Protect your investments. Sit any player complaining so much as a sore thumbnail.

  2. Let Stafford, Galloday, Jones, and Amendola continue racking up personal bests. Don’t ever bench them again.

  3. Don’t be a hero. Don’t kill yourselves winning games that don’t matter and end up placing yourself out of a good draft pick. Except Green Bay. Beat those bstards everytime.

  4. Going forward, fire ANY player who thinks taking off the pre-season will do wonders for their game.

  5. Put your pansy defence on a treadmill.

Any other suggestions our there?

gotta stack up those early draft picks, they are worth more than anything else

I’d love to believe they can build with draft picks; but it’s been tough, lately.

Gotta stop making “Smartest Guys In The Room”-decisions.


Stop investing so much in a TV show and start investing in yourself and sanity.

  1. So you want to deny these guys with “sore thumbnail” valuable playing time to develop? So next year we can say he didnt get enough time to develop and the coaching staff sucks because of that.

  2. I agree but because they should be putting the best team out there to begin with.

  3. i would personally be disgusted if the lions tanked the rest of the season just to get a higher draft pick.

  4. I dont think it is as easy as that. Most of them know how to keep themselves in shape. Some are coming off of injury (which has plagued the defense all year). If anyone id be firing the strength and conditioning coach.

  5. I think the defense is on the field too long. they are getting too gased by the end and cant keep up. As well as coming off injuries. .

Going to #5…its amazing how often other teams get their drives extended on 3rd downs with penalties.

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That part frustrates me the most i think with this defense.

Injuries tend to happen more when players are fatigue. They have to get off the field or have some kind of rotation.

What we have seen the past decade is the only time the team has been a contender is when we have invested in defense.

Schwartz may have been a spaz but he focused on a defensive front that lead a team that should have won that playoff game and had the skill to win a super bowl. If only the offense that year were marginally effective

This means stop drafting TEs over DTs and DEs. We need a cover LB a DE and a hard hitting safety

If we go into next year and draft a LT, then RB and another WR were fucked…again.

I want to see a lions team that punches another team in the mouth. Like that Schwartz defense did


I’m in an interesting spot because I was 100% on board with going Ed Oliver the way the draft fell…I was 100% against drafting a TE that high…but I do have to admit that TJ really is a special talent. If you are going to screw up a pick in the top 10, there are a ton of ways that are worse than drafting TJ Hockenson.

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Couldn’t go wrong with either pick imo. Both would help tremendously but the Lions needed TE help bad. Defense was good last season but can’t project injuries to happen.

I’d still take Oliver 10 times out of 10

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I thought Oliver was a great prospect, much better than Hockenson. However I don’t think he was a great fit for our scheme. We don’t need another VanNoy situation. Guys I did want were Burns in the 1st or Winovich in the 2nd, both whom I felt would fit in our scheme in a Kennard type role and who both have 4.5 sacks on the season so far. Hockenson is a decent prospect but I’m still of the belief that a 1st round TE is just stupid. I liked Knox in the 3rd or 4th, who is currently 3rd on the Bills in receptions.

Yes i’m still salty about our draft and convinced I could draft better than Quinn.

I don’t want the Lions to tank or anything to get better draft picks. I want them to continue to try to give their all and try to win games until it is mathematically impossible for them to make the playoffs.

I mean draft picks are great, but the guy making them have been widely hit and miss. I mean we tank and get another top ten pick and Quinn would probably draft a WR.

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Ed Oliver fits any scheme, particularly one that’s multiple like ours. That’s the beauty of having him.

I get your sarcasm, and it’s warranted only because our GM is a clueless fool. If we had a good GM who doesn’t reach on virtually every single draft pick, then high picks would result in some playmakers. Not just a bunch of either injury prone, awful or bottom of a roster guys.

Again, Quinn has drafted 35 guys and has 1 legit stud out of all of them. Davis flat out sucks. TJH was a severe reach by anyone with a brain. Tavai, same thing. Tabor - bust. Decker - borderline bust. Ragnow - major reach. The rest of his draft picks are either gone, useless or role players at best on a bad team.

Get a good GM and draft picks have real meaning.

We all talk about the “Patriot Way”, even though there hasn’t been a single speck of evidence that we are doing ANYTHING remotely the same as the Pats. But regarding your statement, you don’t have to go in full tank mode to bench a disgruntled player.

If Quinn had a brain or a spine, he would go down to the locker room and walk up to Slay and say………“You cried in the offseason for a contract extension after a poor 2018 season. You skipped out of mandatory workouts. You cried on social media when I traded Diggs. Now you are crying about the scheme we are running?” “That is conduct detrimental to the team. Take a 2 week suspension, and come back to play or we will just sit your ass out the rest of the year”.

Maybe then some of these other highly paid, underachievers will start playing near their capabilities?

Look, nobody wanted to trade for Slay and his contract. He isn’t playing up to it. This offseason, his value isn’t going to be worth dick in the trade market. Unless some desperate fools come calling with something of real value, let him ride out is contract and let him walk. Until then, trotting him out there only to have him doing a circle jerk with the opposing team after a loss, then being a diva bitch on social media an hour after the game isn’t worth while. He obviously hasn’t made a huge impact, since the secondary has been swiss cheese all damn year, even against rookie QBs.


Its amazing that teams picking in the back half of the draft can continuously have better teams, and the same damn teams are picking in the top 5 and top 10 every year. Hmmm, maybe picking early isn’t some magic bullet that people make it out to be?

I’ll take my wins on Sunday’s over a draft pick any day.


What wins on Sunday? You’ll take the 6 or 7 wins and be happy? Enjoy, I guess.

Not sure what you are talking about regarding teams picking in the back half of the draft. Even the best teams “Patriots” seem to have more and better picks than us every year. They value draft picks, compensatory picks and trade around and get guys they want. We sit around with our thumb in our ass, fuck up every opportunity for compensatory picks, then reach way up to grab a guy who would be there a round or 2 later. It’s idiotic.

Again, it’s not about the team, it’s about the GM. Teams like the Steelers and Pats can draft lower in each round and still get great value, because their GM isn’t toilet juice. When you don’t have a GM who can evaluate talent well, you need higher picks, so that it makes it harder for him to fuck up. Even though he still reached severely last year in rounds 1 and 2, the players he got, still have some talent. If he would have been picking much lower, we may not have gotten a single player that is worthy of being in the NFL.

I still don’t understand how people get joy out of “beating” another bad team in December to finish 6-10. That’s like the clowns who go down to Comerica Park in late September to cheer wildly for the Tigers to beat the Whitesox in order to get their 54th win against 105 losses. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

You’re also ignoring the fact that the higher the pick, the higher the value. Having say the 5th pick over the 10th pick holds a much higher value, that could actually be used in trading up, trading back, and/or trading for a player. It doesn’t have to be used on a injury prone Tight End, or a terrible LB.

I believe the word Batman used regarding comp picks was they are a “novelty”.