Really, no game day thread? Now there is!


Blount has 30 yards in the first series!


It’s insane the level of disinterest there is for the lions right now. This season has been one of the most heart breaking seasons I can remember . I barely look at the lions videos on their site anymore .

I heard on 97.1 that if we win we could be selecting #14 and if we lose it’s #4. Not sure if that’s accurate but if true as much as I love the lions I hope they lose


They haven’t given us much to cheer for this season. I want to see them win of course, but I also know losing is better at this point.


Sorry normally I pin and post a thread but I’m watching the Jets and Flyers today. The Lions have lost me.

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Tuned in just in time to see Ziggy injured again.


Ziggy hurt? Has hell frozen over???


This game is beyond boring. Hand and ziggy injured on back to back plays.


We took an unsuccessful deep shot on the last drive so that should do it for the rest of the game. Time to play ball control.


With all these 2-3 yd passes Stafford May have trouble breaking 100yds…


Let’s tag Ziggy again next year so we don’t lose all 100 snaps he can give us.


This is just not an NFL offense right now.


Ziggy reaggravated his shoulder. That’s the last we’ll see of him in a lions jersey.


Two crap teams…and yet the Lions will likely goof around and win - tumbling out of a top-five pick…


Mr. GLass out for the game. If you want to see him again, gonna have to go to the movies


Slay with the rash of injuries this year too :frowning:


Can we stop pretending that Quinn is going anything good for this team? Terrible coaching and a dearth of talent.


Lions 2018 MVP strikes again


The return of Boink!!!


The freaking uprights should be dressed in blue and silver at the Pro Bowl.