Really pulling for Winston

To be the first to go 30-30 in picks and tds


So is he at 31 and 28 now. Certainly seem within reach.

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Think ESPN would dedicate a 30 for 30 to his season?


Reports say he’ll be back in TB next year. SMH!

But good qbs are so easy to find!

Just dial 1-800-QUARTERBACK and its a done deal!

Honestly, is Tampa going to do any better with someone else? What free agent is going to be an upgrade? What player in the draft where they are selecting is an upgrade. They have a shot at the playoffs next year with Evans and Godwin healthy. It’s an easy choice. He is only 25. Bring him back for one more year and then either dump him or sign him to a long term deal.
It’s funny because he will probably finish with the 3rd highest single season yards and could lead the league in TDs and INTs.

Jon says he’d easily get 30/30 if he played in today’s NFL.

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But, Jon was talking 30 rushing yards and 30’sacks. You got to pay better attention.

Another team that spent a lot of money on a tight end and then drafted one in the top half of the draft and really doesn’t use either one. I just have a hard time thinking of which team would outbid Tampa for Winston at this point. I would say Washington but I bet they’re going to roll it Haskins. My question is if you put Winston on a team without two Fantastic wideouts, how big of a trash fire would he actually be more than he is right now?

Vesuvius or Krakatoa?

He did torch the Lions without either of his fantastic wideouts.
The guy has talent, he just makes a lot of bad choices on and (at least used to) off the field.

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Small *. He did have Chris Godwin for the first half and a little into the 3rd for 5-6 catches and 120 plus yards.

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You can’t deny he makes some really nice throws. But it’s one of those things that are counterbalanced by turning the ball over a ridiculous amount of time. That is the reason why I really disliked Stafford until Caldwell showed up. When you turn the ball over as much as those guys do, it’s really hard to consistently win football games.

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I liked your original comment and said small *. He is very talented. Not disputing his maddening ability. :smiley:

He did it!!!

30th INT pick 6 in OT to end the season. Unreal.

It ended in the most Jameis of ways…

We all believed in you, Jameis. Grab your OWN crotch and take a victory lap.

Was there any doubt that he would finish with 30 INT’s?

I’m not surprised at all that he pulled it off. For him to reach the milestone with a game-ending pick 6 is fricking legend. You couldn’t have worked that into a movie script without being told it was too over the top.

Ok, you could have it that he takes off his helmet and the 4 lobster tails he stole before the game come dropping out. Oh Jameis, you rascal!

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