Redskins letting Trent Williams out. How does this effect the draft?

It appears that after meeting with Trent Williams that the new HC Ron Rivera has decided to let Trent Williams week a trade.

How will this effect the Lions?

Does this increase the chances that Wash could pass on Young? Could they trade out or could they take an OT at 2OA?

I have a hard time believing that Rivera would pass on Young. He can get an OT with his second pick in this deep OT class.

However you can’t let a Young QB go unprotected. That’s not wise. Having a quality LT is important. Not to mention that Haskins could use help at OG and WR too.

How do you think this effects what Wash will do at 2OA?

I have a really hard time believing that the Redskins actually think Haskins is the answer. Is anyone really high on Haskins at this point? It’s really tough to say, I know Rivera is a defensive minded dude, but he also had a star QB in Cam. I think anything could happen and no one really knows what he’s thinking. I don’t think losing Williams will dictate what they do, but I’d love for him to find his way to the Lions. I think he’s an excellent tackle and Washington kinda did him dirty. I can understand why he is pissed at them, they missed a cancer diagnosis ffs.

Different take on the article but not wanting to high Jack the OP …

I feel MP and BQ has done this same thing with Tate and Diggs but it’s ok with RR but not our leadership?

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I realized that Arizona gave up on a 1st round draft choice at QB one year after drafting him but can anyone think of any other team that’s done it? … I can’t think of any. Besides Arizona was drafting 1st overall and the HC wanted his guy. I think that was the rare exception.

I do not think there is a QB in this draft that Rivera feels he must have. Tua if healthy would probably be a no brainer. Outside of him I don’t think so.

But I agree no way is Washington a slam dunk to take Young. However I suspect that will happen but …

What if Miami offered two firsts and a second to Wash?

Suddenly Wash can probably get a QB to compete in a Herbert or Love if they chose and an OT. Or maybe an OT, Star WR?

I think that would be hard for them to pass up.

I think the Skins pass on Young and draft their favorite QB or trade down.

With all their needs, the only position they are loaded at is on the DL, they’ve invested massive draft capital over the last few years. J. Allen, Sweat, Settle, Da Ron Payne. And they had Ioannidis (a late round pick) pan out well to boot. They are very, very well stocked on the defensive line.

Are they sold on Haskins with one of the stud QBs ripe for the picking? Now it looks like they are staring at a huge hole at LT. They need a lot of help elsewhere too.

Passing on Young is not a given, but I would hardly be surprised if they prefer a QB or want to stockpile picks.


I would say the odds are the highest that they take Young. Probably something like this.

Young - Say 55% chance
Trade down - 20% chance
Take an OT - 10% chance
Take a QB - 15% chance

I see a trade down more likely than a QB or an OT.

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Personally I think Miami or some other team trading up is the most likely scenario. I have a feeling that #2 pick is going to be worth a lot of draft capital.

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Every day I feel more and more like this will happen. Just like the Goff/Wentz deal. And remember who went 3rd.

Part of me hopes your right. Another part of me thinks that if Chase Young did fall to us we would pass anyway.

Trent Williams wants out of Wash. Has been making threats and is disgruntled. Totally different situation.

I don’t think you can really handicap it accurately. I mean it is entirely dependent on how aggressive the Dolphins are. If they offer Darnold/Wentz level value to move to #2, I have to think the Redskins would take it. That would be:

5, 18, 39, 54 and a 2021 3rd rounder.

I’m thinking one is openly speaking while the other(s) were not so public …

It’s still just an opinion though … nothing more …

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Who does Miami really like I think its close between the two QBs Tua or Herbert .

If my guess is correct why would they give up so much when they likely can get one.

If Washington takes one they can make a move to prevent Chargers from moving up.
If Washington doesn’t they can make move up or just wait.
If Washington loses there LOT I imagine to complete the trade they will want a rd 1 pick which i doubt they get with at least 5 in draft could start.
They will likely keep him till after draft an see how draft falls or sign one in FA .

So many ways things fall everyone is just guessing. Once FA is mainly done it will show what teams may really need in draft.

Skins do have the Cap to get a Top LOT an then maybe get a good draft pick so FA may tell way they go.

I do not think it’s close at all. Tua is a generational talent. The type of QB that will turn a franchise around Unfortunately the injury happened. I think Mia either decides the injury is too risky and take him off their board or they take the gamble. But are you really willing to trade up for such a gamble?

Herbert is the consolation prize in my opinion. He’s the … let’s stay put and see who falls to us type.

I honestly could see Mia wait until someone jumps them for Tua or Herbert before they make their move to get the other one.

They won’t get a first round pick for Trent Williams. He’s 31 years old. They would probably take a 3rd and that’s about as high as anyone is going to offer. Especially in a deep class.

The Colts in 82 & 83, Art Scblister and Elway
Cowboys 89 and 90, drafted Aikmen in 89 and used their 1st round pick in 90, which was number 1 overall, to use in the 89 supplemental draft to take Steve Walah.

It would not surprise me at all if the Skins took a QB. Their dl is stacked and their defense overall is pretty solid. Their problems are on offense and at QB

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Well Peters is what 38 an playing very well so are most other 31 year old’s an remember he didn’t play for awhile . I expect a rd 2 at least.couple others one 38 another 32 I don’t think for a LOT age will stop some team who wants him. It will be what Skins want if price is to much.

Agree and a Healthy Tua is not in play here and even if he was…He’s another QB coming from a well established scheme and Offense with incredible talent …The idea that this kid was even a Russell Wilson type athlete pre the hip was not accurate and he wont be that now … I love the person , the arm talent is good , no cannon but good …Herbert over a healthy Tua would be an eye of the beholder thing …now it’s a smart thing . I think Miami loves Herbert .

I think there is little chance they pass on Chase Young. No chance actually unless Miami can somehow convince them, but, I doubt it. We’ll see how hard they go after a few free agents which will change minds significantly about how available Chase Young might be.
I think the choice will be Okudah after San Diego trades up to 3.

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It really does seem like the most Lions thing to do. My gut tells me the same.