Redskins love Young. Slay to the Rams?

According to PFW Washington is in love with Chase Young and Slay is likely going to Denver or the Rams.

Yep…and we are in love with Tua!

Edit: I’ll go out on a limb here and say 32 teams all like Chase Young and would take him with their 1st pick.

The big joke on this board is the Broncos want Slay and don’t want to pay Harris. We want Harris in FA and think Slay is getting old.

I would rather have Slay. If they want him that bad it should be reflected in the picks they offer. Denver has 3 - 3rd round picks so their second #46 (440 pts) and 2 of those 3rds (205+185 points) would do it. 830 points is the equivalent of pick 20-21 in the first. The Rams don’t have much to offer.

the trade value chart at Drafttec is really nice. you can put in any team and see what picks they have. It includes projected comp picks as well. Denver has 12 picks including 2 late comp picks. The Rams have 6 and nothing til pick #52.

Want to see something pathetic look at the Bears picks.

I brought this up in a few threads. BQ has the Grass is greener mentality. Personally I’d much rather just keep Slay.

I have a feeling BQ is going to dump Slay for way too cheap.


I believe they are establishing his worth. Go negotiate the biggest contract you can and we’ll match it. I don’t think Slay is going anywhere this year or possibly next. Is 2 years with Slay worth passing up a 2nd or 3rd round pick? I’d venture to say “a bird in the hand…”

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Slay and three for 001 and 033.
We get Chase Young. Washington trades back with whomever, most likely Miami. Miami takes Burrow and Cinci gets Tua avoiding all the BS coming out of the Burrow camp. They also get an all pro CB. And we get the difference between 001 and 003 + 033 to pick up a little something in the draft.
I am in the camp where Slay has made himself unwelcome. They’ll get a cheap corner.
I much prefer getting 005 and 018.

If the Redskins can get a +900 deal out of Miami (like the Jets Darnold overpay) they would be stupid to pass that up IMO.

That would be 2, 18, 26 and 70. I don’t know that Miami would go quite that far but if so the Redskins (who don’t have a second round pick and are loaded on the DL and at Edge) would be silly to pass that up.

I think we’re in a good spot. If Miami really wants Tua, they have the Ammo to trade with anyone. Hopefully Washington really loves Young and we have the opportunity to move down a few slots and get a haul. If not, Young is a good consolation prize. Hoping we can resign Slay and Wilson not creating another hole though. Really think this offense is 3 players away from being really good: OL, WR, RB. If we can grab proven commodities in FA at RB (Howard) and OG (Thuney), get a trade down in the draft and focus on defense (DT, CB, LB, DE) and a difference maker at WR, I think we’d be in pretty solid shape for the season. A trade down with Miami, would possibly allow us to grab those 5 positions by pick 67.

I know this isn’t popular here but I am warming up to the idea of keeping Stafford AND drafting Tua (provided the Dr.’s sign off on that)

It would be ironic if the Lions traded Slay to Denver for a 2d Rd pick, No. 46 overall, then turned around and signed CB Chris Harris as a UFA. The Lions made an attempt to trade for him last season.