Redskins to pass on Chase Young?

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Source: The Washington #Redskins are still fielding inquiries of potential interest as of this morning, but one team in particular has already laid out a ‘complete deal’ for their #No. 2 pick.

Wonder who could be moving up for Young? Miami?

The Lions?


I have said all along I think QB could go 1/2 in the draft. Much like the Luck/Griffin Goff/Wentz Winston/Mariota drafts.

Hell it may even end up 1/2/3.

Franchises tend to go crazy over QBs high in the draft. Nobody wants to miss out on the next Mahomes in their mind.

I would not be surprised if they are calling up for Chase Young and not a QB.

I also think the Giants are messing with us and trying to de-leverage us by fielding offers and rumors about teams wanting to move up for Okudah so we’ll just stay put.


I don’t think anyone is moving up to 4 to draft Okudah honestly.


I’d be ok with the Lions moving up to #2 to get Young. It’ll likely be a hefty cost, but no one’s bill should be cheaper than the Lions on that deal since they’d only need to move up 1 spot.

I’d strongly consider giving up #3 and #35 plus a little something extra that wasn’t too significant for #2 to land Young.

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This is why I honestly think Young will be there at 3.

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Not to 4, if the Lions stayed put and took Okudah because they didn’t think he’d be there at, say 6, because another team like JAX traded up, now the Giants can field offers from teams that want a QB and get an OT in the process and some picks to rebuild. I doubt it works, but they can try. Their pick is more valuable if Detroit stays put.

One of the things that is unique to the Lions is that (arguably and IMHO) the Lions aren’t as bad as their draft position. They don’t need a QB. They don’t need a LT. A CB to the Lions makes sense because they have some of the bigger needs filled. Not that they couldn’t use a pass rusher, but if Young is gone their isn’t one on the board worth that pick. They could also go DT easily. Or tackle.

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This trade up rumor is probably for Young, not any of the QBs. He’s the only player in this draft worth trading up for although you never know which team will fall in love with a particular QB. The Chiefs giving up all that draft capital for Mahomes was pretty shocking at the time considering that Mahomes had a ton of question marks coming out of college so who knows.


The #2 pick has to be decided before teams look to trade with the Lions. With Burrows told he’s going 1OA, now Skins are on the clock. Nobody is going to trade with Lions without knowing what is happening with 2OA because they don’t want to pay the price to move up to #3 to be leapfrogged and sniped by a team trading up with Washington.

I think it has to be for a QB, I just don’t think a team pays such a price to get a DL. I mean we’re talking at least 7OA trying to move up here right? Giants go OT, Miami and SD go QB. Does Washington want to fall down to #7 or later from #2? I don’t think a team in the top ten would offer their first and second this year and first next year for #2 OA to draft Young.

This is due diligence on all sides - teams feeling out what Washington is asking to then game out if other teams would be willing to pay their asking price. Washington is seeing what teams would be willing to possibly pay.


That’s a good take.

But …
The compensation is variable – dependent on player talent / position / etc
the “Opportunity Cost” to the team trading down (nod to recent post)
There is no SET price – the market sets the value
And “Fair Market Value” changes draft-to-draft and changes within each draft based on players available and teams perceptions of value

Yep–nobody really talks about the fact that Chase Young is worth trading up for. I’d be so hyped for a team to trade up to #2 and then be subsequently crushed when they take Young :joy:

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Tau getting a big injury red flag says to me that it is unlikely anybody is trading up with the Lions for a QB

I can’t see them going to #3 for damaged goods Tau. Miami and SD can sit where they are and get Tua and Herbert.

Only drama in my mind might be SD jumping to #4 to get their choice instead of what Miami leaves them between the two.

If Chase Young is there I would not take trade back offer. But I assume he will be gone. Then I would LOVE IT if SD wanted to come up and swap 1st picks to beat Miami to the punch and we still got Okudah at 6 plus another pick.

But I don’t think Chase will be there and I don’t think anybody is coming up to #3 so we will probably be in No-Mans land and have to take Okudah at #3

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If you look at her subsequent tweet, it is clear somebody is trying to trade up for Chase Young:


Meanwhile, separately, I’m told that an NFL GM from a team within the top 7 has been calling multiple times trying to get Chase Young on the phone for a 1-on-1 entering this week, per source. Source did not want to indicate whether the call took place since.

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If Tua’s stock is down…Herbert’s skyrockets. Nobody is gonna want to be jumped. Both QBs having high stock is why both teams would stay put. If one is lower…that means both teams will outbid for the higher stock.

Panic is going to ensue! The only question is…will we pounce?


Why is everyone so sure that Tua’s stock is down?

We talk all year about how draft reporting is simply smokescreen after smokescreen and then as the draft nears we suddenly believe the stories that we read?

If I’m a team that wants Tua of course I tell Ian Rappaport or whoever that we flunked him on his physical and that we know for a fact that another team did as well. Then the gossip circulates.


I am fairly sure there will be a team that values one QB above all the others (possibly including even Burrow). We’ve seen teams really lock in on their guy in the past, whether that’s Mahomes or even a Trubisky. The Lions SHOULD be able to move down with a team that wants to be 100% sure they get their man.

In the poll about if the Redskins will take Young I gave it 30%, I think that was the lowest estimate. I could still easily be proven wrong and this could all be smoke. But if you look at where the Skins are invested and what their needs are, seems to me they might be happy to move down and get their OT and much more a few spots down. Who knows? Nobody but the principals involved in making a deal.