Remember a hundred years ago?

When we nearly beat the Chiefs and were on our way to the Super Bowl?

Good times.


I remember my 5-11 prediction…

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You are going to lose that bet


I remember my 10-6 prediction. Still think we win 10, but that may not get it done.
Could we get 3 playoff teams from our division?

Vikings are a better team than the Packers.


Remember ’ the season is a marathon’ ?

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You really think we go 8-2 the rest of the way?

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No question the Vikes are better than the Packers. Took them a while to settle into their offense, but clearly they seem to have it figured out now.

Honestly, if the refs had not screwed the Lions in the game against GB a week ago, we’d be where I thought we could be - challenging the Vikes as the best team in the Division. Packers are moderately better than I thought they would be, but clearly the Raiders are not all that.

That screw job in cheesland will loom large if the Lions settle down and win some of these games that they should.


Yep. The Vikes were the better team today, no doubt.
But I don’t expect the Pack to sweep the division either. The North will continue to beat each other up.
That loss in GB will forever suck and could yet end up being huge.

Yep, those were some good times!


10-6 has a good chance to win the division. I think the NFCN will beat up on each other.

I predicted 9-7 preseason because I felt we lacked a few real difference makers. However with that said if this team gets healthy and can pull off a 10-6 or better season than I think they can win the division.

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Green Bay is almost guaranteed to win at least 11. They are 6-1 and have nothing but winnable games remaining. They even get a Mahomes-less KC as their toughest task. It’s over.

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You had a black out brother - not a memory recall …

Maybe Rogers slips on the puddle of tears he makes (from all the whining he’s going to do over the next few games) and breaks his P@$$% and is out for the season. The league realizes the Packers without Rogers isn’t the best storyline. They then help the Lions win the NFC to face off against NE.

If Rodgers goes down, it doesn’t matter what the storyline is. They simply aren’t good enough to win many games, regardless of how much help they get from the refs.