**Reminder about calling out other posters**

You could just read the COC!

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Where do you even find that here? I was looking for it but no luck.

On the drop down tab click on “about” then click faq tab…


At the bottom of any thread click ??? unread.

Then in top left click the unread box, then categories. (Or just go to categories in your settings)

Click the Den general talk and it’s at the top of the board.

To be honest I wish there was a way to not see the OTT crap and just default to the general board. I haven’t figured that out yet so if anyone knows then please let me know.

Thanks! Never knew this.


Ah hah I figured out how to mute out the OTT.

Go to OTT and there’s a place up on top right to mute it out. Now I default to Lions talk and don’t have to see all the politics of OTT.

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Yes, thank you Dtown!

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IDK, I don’t see anything in the CoC that says you “can’t call-out a poster” or remind them of what they said a week or two ago, as long as you do it respectfully.

If I say something totally wrong, I’d hope someone would call me out on it. If we don’t hold each other accountable, then what we supposed to do, just ignore what everyone says? Personally I don’t see the harm in calling someone out…unless you’re talking about calling them out to meet you somewhere to fight, then obviously it’s a bad thing.

You have been extremely defensive about this entire thread and it all started with your own sense of guilt about something you did that didn’t even fall under the category of calling out another poster, in the sense that most people understand it.

Most people understand this thread, and they aren’t trying to justify something they did or advance an axe they have to grind with another poster. On the old board we saw what happens when certain things are allowed. We are not going to bring that energy here.

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