Report: Former Lions RB Zach Zenner lands job with Saints

In New Orleans, the Saints backfield is led by two-time Pro Bowler Alvin Kamara. He’s currently dealing with an ankle injury, prompting the Saints to add Zenner for depth.

Zenner will find a familiar face in his meeting room as Dwayne Washington, a seventh-round pick for the Lions in 2017, is also currently with the Saints.


He will outperform Washington by a mile. 1/2 the talent, but 3x the heart.


So ZZ makes the playoffs before the Lions do!? :rage::crazy_face:

Go figure

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Report-Zenner quoted as saying he expects the Saints to get better calls than the Lions…


Former Lion great Ryan Broyles playing in the XFL with Dallas.

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I’d advise ZZ to keep his mouth shut. It don’t play well around the league when you trash your old team. Especially if you might be looking for another job in the off-season.

I thought he was the ideal RB4 and a good STer. Interesting to see how he does with the Saints compared to us.

Well, no one ever said he was stupid


He wasn’t trash talking the Lions. He was trash talking the officials.
Thing is, NOLA just got jobbed, too!

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You missed the joke

I usually do. Most of the time, I dunno what young people today are talking about. Young people being under 50.

I’m 52, but I feel young!