Reporter embarrasses himself at combine, then doubles down


It would’ve been better had he just admitted he was wrong and/or unprepared, but nope – he doubles down on it.

On top of that, he claimed he “decided to leave sports journalism” because he “saw the ugly side of sports” when fans “came after him.”

The truth is he was fired. This guy just can’t tell the truth.


Okudah handled that really well. Seems to be a mature young man.


He’d be an easy guy to root for. He seems like a really good person, in interviews.


Good on you for pointing that out – he definitely deserves it!

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Hahaha, thanks for sharing.
What a dipshit reporter.


Here is the reporter resigning.

Here is a link to a little more about it.

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His feeble attempts at walking it back on Twitter make the cringe factor a million times stronger, too. The site he used to “write” for (he’s not very good) is absolutely trashing him.

Thanks for posting that, Air!

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In fairness Okudah isn’t perfect. Obviously this is a go to question the reporter asks. Probably because he doesn’t know enough about most prospects. There’s 300 plus kids at the combine. Today’s sports media is filled with reporters who ask cookie cutter bland questions and most casual fans eat it up. Hopefully that reporter learned a valuable lesson here. Ask better questions and if your going to ask then know what your asking.


Yeah he didn’t handle it well. He probably should have took a lesson from Okudah.

There’s a lot to like about Okudah as a person. He is an MP type of player. That’s why I fear we could take Okudah over Chase Young if both are on the board. Which would be stupid to do.

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That’s why I fear we could take Okudah over Chase Young if both are on the board. Which would be stupid to do.

Both positions are ripe for improvement. Sometimes it’s difficult to weigh who to take at which position. Strengthen the D line to get a better pass rush the opposing team has to get rid of the ball quick, helping the DB’s. Do the same with the secondary. Great pass coverage allowing the D line to get maybe an extra second, second and a half to get the quarterback. Even better, improve both, but let’s be somewhat realistic. My thought is either one of them is an improvement, as long as it’s a defensive player picked at 1.

Reporter to say at combine Okudah’s play was ‘sloppy’ gets fired

ByGARRETT STEPIEN 14 hours ago


The reporter that called former Ohio State cornerback Jeff Okudah play “sloppy” last Friday at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine has faced disciplinary action. The Scorecrow, a daily fantasy sports website, announced Friday on Twitter that it let Pranav Rama go from its staff one week after a question about Okudah’s 2019 season was inaccurately and aggressively delivered to the consensus All-American and likely No. 1 defensive back taken in the 2020 NFL Draft.

“Official Statement: We have let @PranavRama1 go from our site,” Scorecrow said about Rama in the first of three threaded tweets. "His error in judgment and lack of research involving @jeffokudah at the Combine was inexcusable. We understand that people make mistakes, but Pranav not only embarrassed himself and us, he also doubled down.

"Instead of apologizing for the lack of preparation and moving on, he made the situation worse. It was unprofessional and does not reflect our values here at The Scorecrow. We strive to be accurate and give intelligent analysis in our sports coverage.

“Again, we apologize to Jeff Okudah along with our fans and readers. We will continue to bring you top-notch sports analysis, Fantasy articles, and DFS advice on a daily basis. We appreciate all of our followers and readers. Thank you.”

Okudah met with the media last Friday in Indianapolis when Rama’s question caught the 2019 Jim Thorpe Award finalist off guard. After gradual improvements throughout the 2017-18 seasons, Okudah broke out in 2019, not flagged once for a defensive interference or holding penalty while intercepting three passes and breaking up nine more.

“Sometimes you have a tendency to get kind of sloppy,” Rama said. “How are you going to improve on that?”

Okudah leaned forward and squinted at Rama almost in disbelief.

“Sloppy in what way?” Okudah said.

Rama stammered before alleging that Okudah had a penalty tendency.

“Sloppy like with penalties and stuff like that,” Rama said.

Okudah immediately took the inaccurate characterization to heart.

“I had zero pass interferences, zero holdings … so put the tape on again,” Okudah said. “I think you might see something else.”

One day later, Rama took to Twitter and revealed himself last Saturday. Instead of backtracking and offering an apology, he doubled down on his approach.

“So apparently I was trending yesterday because of how I pressed @jeffokudah,” Rama said in the tweet. “It may be just be a play or two but those plays are the difference between a SuperBowl and a couch sitting at home. It’s our job to ask the tough questions whether the general people like it or not.”

Okudah found Rama’s tweet Friday and was not buying the explanation, issuing an according reply. Six hours later, Rama announced that he was leaving Scorecrow, but his now-former employer clarified 30 minutes afterward.


Over 35 games in three years from 2017-19, Okudah recorded 83 tackles (one for loss), 18 pass breakups (three interceptions) and two forced fumbles (one recovery).

Okudah measured at 6-foot-1 1/8 and 205 pounds with 32 5/8-inch arms and a 78 5/8-inch wingspan before going out last Saturday and running a 4.48-second 40-yard dash, 41-inch vertical jump and 135-inch broad jump.


Pranav Rama@PranavRama1

Replying to @giodamico15 and 2 others

It’s on the tape and I put it on my Twitter. I’m a grown ass man not gonna sit and cry about it. Yeah zero pass interferences and holding but how many were missed by refs. Also if he wasnt sloppy he wouldn’t have injured himself in meaningless drill.


11:01 PM - Mar 5, 2020

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Hahaha, this dude reminds me of some posters on here!


By Kevin Harrish on March 6, 2020 at 11:56 am @kevinish

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The Internet was ablaze last week when a reporter at the NFL Combine questioned Jeff Okudah about his “sloppy” play, citing “penalties and stuff.”

Okudah rightfully set him straight, assertively informing him that he did not have a single pass interference or holding penalty the entire season and invited him to check the tape.

After the public embarrassment, you couldn’t blame the reporter for slinking into anonymity, but that’s not at all what he did.

Pranav Rama, who claims to be a writer for a website called (which somehow received a credential to the NFL combine), is not only owning the terrible take, he’s doubling down.

Yes, not only did he own up to it, Mr. Rama is patting himself on the back like he’s Walter Cronkite for asking a question about “kinda using penalties and stuff like that” when the “penalties and stuff” never existed.

And a week later, he’s still on it, claiming there actually were pass interference and holding penalties that were missed by the referees and blaming Okudah’s sloppiness for the injury he sustained during the combine.

Of course, he never offered specific instances or showed any tape, but he has assured us those specifics are coming right after he finishes his “official NFL media work,” presumably for, unless of course his watchdog media work already landed him a bigger gig.

We’re all on pins and needles as we await your attempts to retcon your ill-informed question, Pranav.

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lol … a few posters come immediately to mind.

I think that we all as posters could learn a lesson here.


This is where he reached the point of no return IMO.

Yeah even Stephen A. Smith finally manned up with the Haskins running QB debacle.