Response Threshold/Limit -- Fixing this now


Hearing reports that some of you are being limited to the number of responses. That’s a default measure for security/spam purposes via the forum software. I’m lifting this now so you can post unimpeded!


Let me know via email ( or personal message if you guys have any issues.



I was placed in time out but now I’ve been set free to post to my hearts content. YaY!


Oh crap, with that limit in place how am I going to get my weekly quota of security/spam posts out!


Can we do a group vote for the people we’d like for you to add the limit back to?


Hey! I mean. Seriously. How long did you make my character limit.
Oh, come on!
This is a joke, right?


Also, minimum response is 10 characters?

Most of my curse words are less than that…

Annnnnnd thats why it’s im place, amirite?


Fixed. Now it’s five.

Which means we can use most of our “fun” words.


Don’t forget haiku, @Weaselpuppy