Retalliation thoughts?

Perhaps after a day of stewing on it, Patricia can sound off in dramatic fashion at a press conference today and completely destroy the league. Take a fine. Hell, take a suspension. That will only make the league look even worse.

Or, Bob Quinn can do it for him. He could spout off about spending every waking moment putting a team together just for the league to script his team to lose a game.

Or Rod Wood, who basically does nothing in life, could take the bullet for Quinn and Patricia and put out a real statement, lined with expletives and stand up for the fans of the team that pays his salary!

Or maybe Martha leaves the old folks home for an hour and acts like an owner who cares, for the first time in her life.

**My last idea would be for the Lions as an organization to stop being pussies and basically promote that Ford Field be filled to the rim with people mocking the league. Fans to be dressed as blind refs. Dressed as goodell with a clown nose. Fill the stadium with signs that say “Fuck you Goodell”, “the NFL is fixed”, etc.

Instead, I predict nobody in the organization will say much of anything and anyone who enters Ford Field with a sign will be escorted out and treated like a felon. Because the owner and front office are all gutless fucks who want this shit to keep happening.


I think, for as much as I want the satisfaction of a rant as well, that we probably shouldn’t say anything because it makes us out to be the victim. And while we were absolutely the victim in this game, it’s a bad mindset to have going forward (both in football and in life). You listen to what they’re saying now and they’re kicking themselves for the mistakes they made, how they have to get better and stop beating themselves. I like that, and I think it will serve us better going forward.

Start taking runs at referees. Take a 255 lb. TE on a crossing route and bam. You take out two or three of them maybe the shit will stop. It won’t but at least these fuckers would have an excuse to not see the play right in front of them. Seriously, you see a referee vulnerable, roll up on his Achilles or blow out his fucking knee avoiding someone. When it continues to happen the NFL might think it is being done on purpose, but then they might have to recognize the blatant cheating going on.

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Well, that’s what our garbage owner and front office did after the officials stole a playoff win from us in Dallas!! Look where that got us.

I don’t think it makes us out to be a victim, I think it shows the fans you care. Martha and her minions shouldn’t be worried about upsetting Goodell. They should be concerned about the fans that pay their salaries. Taking the high road (aka, lazy gutless, spineless cowardly road) just tells the fans that you accept this as normal and are ok with it. F that noise. I guarantee owners like Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban wouldn’t let this go and somewhere down the line, they would get rewarded by the league. We just get tea bagged and ask for more.

I think it’s time to move on. It’s not going to change the outcome of this game or anything else moving forward. If they fire these officials, they’ll just hire other incompetent ones who have their own biases.

I hate to say it and this term annoys me sometimes but “It is what it is”. I hope Patricia and the players move on to preparing for the Vikings. There’s no time to sit around and throw pity parties.

i love your idea–wouldn’t the stadium look fantastic home next week all dressed as you suggested----some how we should get your post out to the media to get the fan base involved more—great idea bro

Maybe the cheerleaders can wear blindfolds, dress as lady justice and carry scales instead of pompoms.

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Here’s my retaliation…

Going to a local HS game Friday night.
Watching Florida @ South Carolina Saturday afternoon, then Michigan at Penn State Saturday evening.
Leaving the TV off on Sunday.

It’s not so much retaliation as it is growing more and more detached from a flawed team playing in a flawed league.


Or create the AKC leaderdog play of the game. Or, have the players wear blindfolds out to the coinflip, with leader dogs… pass out 30,000 white canes. You think it is just a jest but really, it would cast a light on it and we would be the talk of the NFL for a second week.
And, really what would it hurt. Would the referees be even more blatant? How could they be?

They’re praying this blows over just like every other fucking!
They make their living kissing the NFL’s ass.
The only one’s that can truly influence the NFL is fans who walk away.

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dressed in black and white and carrying a fist full of yellow flags . lol

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Only retailation is to not watch or show up or jump on the field and fuck up a ref.

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Have every Michigan HS senior who is undecided what to do with their life apply for NFL referee. Eventually, we’ll get the benefit of the doubt if we flood the system.

The league is ruled from the top. All it takes is a fake call on a 4th down and a huge game is decided.

GB is going to the playoffs unless Rodgers gets hurt. Lions aren’t.

Owners, coaches, players. Who’s going to give up millions (backups), tens of millions (coaches, stars), hundreds of millions (owners)? To help the Detroit Lions?

Good luck with that

Yeah, that’s the main issue. The Lions have always had horrible, detached owners. They go 0-16 and get richer. They have no incentive to actually winning and they couldn’t care less about getting ass packed by the officials, while their fans lose their minds. They will just raise ticket prices next year and idiots will continue to hand their money over to an owner who doesn’t back her own product. It’s pretty sickening actually.

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Fans throw a couple thousand flags on the field at the next home game.


Bet any money that the Lions get some favorable call on Sunday at home against Minney. Just saying.

We will MURDER them, this Sunday, with our without calls. our guys will be playing pissed!

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Oh, I disagree mon amis. I think that the refs will take proactive steps to cement their authority first. A ton of ticky tack holding an neutral zone fouls to make us look bad. Maybe they’ll then toss us one PI bone that looks like a make good, but they’ll make sure we stay in a hole for the game. Discredits our complaints.


Those ideas will accomplish a lot.