Review of Amendola - nice read imho

Here’s a nice article on Amendola… I hope we keep him one more yr…

Depends a lot on his asking price. I would like to see them go younger/cheaper. Marvin Hall might even be that guy.

Amendolah has good hands and is great at finding holes in zones so that will be missed if he is not brought back.

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Would like to see him back as well. Hall is straight line speed, glad we have him but he won’t ever be a slot receiver.


I don’t like to slam parts of a decent article but it funny how the authors states”he is only good up to 15 yds…”?! Dude that a 1st down so I don’t care if he doesn’t get any more YAC!

He valuable as he has to be respected… and covered at lease one more yr!!

I also wonder if he’s thinking about coaching… like being the 5th Rex. And a asst wr coach as the same time?! :thinking:

Interesting that Amendola had his best year since 2010
But less than half the season was with Stafford

Three things that are all positive imho out of that

  • Matt and DA combo was that good while it lasted
  • Danny is that good is wise as we’re the other three QBs to keep some yardage going
    ~ been saying it since the day we got Bevell… best personnel move ever for Matt and the Lionszzz! We have a great OC for the next seven yrs imho…

Bevell seems to be best OC we’ve had here … 20+ years?
The transformation has been impressive
Maybe we see more in year 2

Amendola was the relief valve no matter who the QB was. He’s exactly what you want, a guy who can move the chains and be open enough to get the ball to quickly because pressuring backups is always going to be the MO when you face any NFL team. We faced 8 in the box more than any team in the game last season, not only did they pressure the QB it also plays hell with your running game. You have to have a guy with his skill set, esp because Hock was a rookie and injured and James sucked. Your only other option is a RB but having to block on passing downs was an absolute necessity. They paid him peanuts, give him a raise and sign him again.

One of the times I’ll go out in a leap of faith… we will see improvement.

With Matt 1st yr of new scheme and OC

  • 180 points scored
    With three different backups in the new scheme
  • 161 points scored

Think about that …

Now why did we go winless

First 8 games we gave up 186 points

After Matt goes down, we have a defense that then gave up 237!!!

We lost because we didn’t compensate for injuries on the def side…

But that just me

the defense was terrible last year
I hope we see nothing like that ever again

We also weren’t sustaining drives on offense. When we did score, it was often off of a big play… The backuo QBs were atrocious in the red zone

100% FOR Amendola comming back , his hands are damn good .

I mostly agree with this. AD is the type of receiver this offense is lacking. A possession receiving chain mover. He was our best route runner so you could count on him to be their.

Hock took a ton of snaps out of the slot too and AD was good enough to limit Hocks snap count. Which I think was a good thing.

The part I don’t agree with is the “he’s exactly what you want” part. I get what your saying and agree that he’s a piece this offense needs but … I think what we need is a younger, faster version of AD.

I’m not opposed to bringing AD back but I think the Lions need to draft a possession receiver who is an above average route runner this year. I think we could get that guy in rounds 3-5 due to the solid depth in this WR class.