Revis calls out Sherman - Hiding in cover 3

“I would go in on this has been but I have a Super Bowl to prepare for. Enjoy the view from the couch. Your ninth year looked a lot different than this. Lmao,” Sherman replied.

Not sure why Revis felt like he had to crap on Sherman but Revis should already know he was the better corner.

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He’s pumping Sherman up. Now, Sherman has to show.

He is going to need to hide in cover 3 to keep up with Tyreek Hill. Watkins and Robinson will keep him busy too! Be fun to see KC put Hardman wide right and run him deep on Sherman to see how long he can keep up.

I have to give Sherman some props, I thought no way he can play corner after an achilles injury.

I guess I don’t understand. Is sherman following the plays that are called? Is revis saying he should freelance and not run what was called?

Sherman couldn’t keep up before the injury. He certainly will get exposed by KC. That is, of course, if the referees are not forced to admit he is openly interfering on every play. I used to try comparing these two. There really was no comparison. Revis was way better, but Sherman had two things going for him. Firstly, the referees were either directed not to call penalties on the Legion of Boom the NFL was promoting, or they were placing bets themselves. Secondly, he had Earl Thomas behind him.

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If you do not believe this kind of stuff takes place on a league level you need to only think back to the bad boys. The Detroit Pistons were the bad boys. The NBA decided to market them. When they were marketed it was OK for them to play defense the way they did. But when the NBA wanted Michael to win they outlawed the Jordan rules we played by. They gave him championships. The public swallowed it whole.


Truer words never typed…

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He’s saying he should follow the best receiver if he’s “that” good. Sherman doesn’t travel, he plays the same side of the field, he always has. True elite man corners follow the best receiver no matter where they are, outside, inside, doesn’t matter. Slay does this… Revis did too.

I don’t really understand the timing of this by Revis, pretty big dick move to try and get in his head just before the super bowl.

The media has been ball washing Sherman. Revis got sick of it. Not hard to understand, really. Fact is he isn’t fit to cover D. Williams, Ty Hill, Travis Kelce, Sammy Watkins or Mecole Hardman or really anyone on KC’s offense.

He was burned pretty bad by Devante Adams in the GB game, and he’s a 4.5 guy. He plays with good technique, but he’s never been a man up and cover player.

He is a Smart guy. He is not a good cover guy. He studies his opponents, knows his opponent and keeps the guy from running his route by holding, grabbing and impeding his progress. If he is allowed to get away with it, you can’t blame him for using it. It is kind of like what they let Rodgers get away with. They don’t allow anyone else to do it but Rodgers. Same thing with Sherman. Sherman doesn’t have it physically. That is what Revis is saying.

I enjoy things like this .

They’re (NFL) “Made Men”.

Yeah, they were talking about this last night on ESPN radio. Revis was asked to cover the other teams #1 WR and follow him wherever he lined-up on the field. Sherman plays one side, that’s what he’s asked to do, whether it be because of his limitations or just the defense but he does what is asked of him. He’s not the player he was before his Achille’s injury but he’s still good.
Revis sounds like his man-hood was challenged, it shouldn’t have been. Revis should just shut his mouth unless he gets called-out by Sherman or anyone else, just let it go dude.

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Revis is right. Sherman can’t stick with Adams in man coverage. Adams is far too good of a route runner for Sherman. But Sherman has always been a better soft zone and off man zone type of CB.

Guitar god gave a fairly good explanation but I’ll add a bit.

Revis has always thought he was the best corner in the game. The best corners do. Revis could play most WR’s man up by himself on an island.

The media is always hyping up Sherman as the best corner in the game. Which he is not. Revis probably got tired of hearing it and made this post. Basically saying that if Sherman really is the best than why is he hiding in cover 3 zone. Why is he never traveling and always playing the same side. Basically pointing out that Sherman isn’t a complete CB.

I assume the timing of this has something to do with something said on TV. Probably about Sherman being the best.