Richest Quartwrbacks in nfl

lol Stafford rivers and Ryan . Hard earn money by Brady playing many years , giving home discount to get other players . Manning not joining chargers and he don’t deserve the money looking his work

  1. Eli Manning: $252.3 million
  2. Peyton Manning: $248.7 million
  3. Drew Brees: $244.7 million
  4. Tom Brady: $235.2 million
  5. Aaron Rodgers: $233.6 million
  6. Ben Roethlisberger: $232.3 million
  7. Matt Ryan: $223.5 million
  8. Philip Rivers: $218.9 million
  9. Matthew Stafford: $211.0 million
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I know I shouldn’t try, but…
You do understand the way the rookie wage scale used to work? And how it changed early in the 2010’s. The only person who has a legitimate gripe about this list is Can Newton.

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Umm Brady just signed a 2 year 70 mil. contract. What hometown discount are you refer too?

That voided after the 2019 season, he never gets that money. He took a bump last year to $23 million. He’ll get the signing bonus in 2020 from New England no matter where he plays.

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Brady has less money compared to number of more years he played . Now only way to get back money from Stafford is to come with some kind of fine for being silent and not challenging anyone

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So, if I get this straight. The longer you stay a starting QB in the league, the more $ you make.

Got it!


You do know that Brady was a 6th round pick playing on a 6th round picks salary for the first couple of years?!?
He only made 600k his first two years.
And Stafford was the #1 overall pick and made 30 million in his first two years?!?


That’s true , still he give home town discount , so all free agents want to come to New England