Richie Incognito signs 2 year extension

Glasgow will be $10 million+ per year

Wow. Yeah, dude is mental and gets that much? Wow.

Again, if we can’t get Glasgow locked up before free agency hits, I would definitely consider franchising him so we can try to fill his void the following offseason.

I would be fine with franchising him. At least you know with Glasgow you are getting a starting caliber player, who is as durable as they come. You aren’t paying for damaged goods like Ansah or Daniels.


Franchising Glasgow costs left tackle money. Mind as well sign him if that’s the alternative.

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I know it’s a lot of money, not the best move and won’t happen, but I still prefer it to pissing money away on Ziggy/ Lang/ Mike Daniels. It’s mind boggling that the Lions haven’t made Glasgow an offer.

I know you have brought up in the past that players take notice of who the team pays, and that “paying your own” is the right way to go. Well, Glasgow is the prime example of this. He is pretty much everything you hope for, when drafting in the 3rd round. Letting Glasgow walk and filling his role via FA sends a bad message to the locker room.

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Well, 2 things.

  1. You don’t just “sign him”. He has to want to sign here. Guessing in order to sign him long term here, we will have to over pay him more than most other teams in the NFL. It’s not like his time here has been fun.

  2. Maybe we don’t want to pay him for 4 years and just need to kick the can down the road for a year and decide.

So, for me, the choice is, do we break the bank to overpay him for 4 years, or over pay him for 1 year and address his situation next offseason? Both scenarios could work out for us, but the market might be showing that he will cost us a fortune on an extension over a 1 time hit.

Talk about a turn around. This guy was on the shit list a few years ago

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Well, we could just go into next year with Crosby at LT and a rookie, or some other cheap cast off?

Still in the twilight zone here