Rick Wagner to Pack

Surprised. Is there any chance we go after Bulaga??

Not the T Wagner was,(not saying much) so probably not.

Hopefully this leads to increased pressure and sacks against Rogers whenever we play them

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He can’t be an upgrade from Bulaga, is he?

Bulaga was never on the field. Wagner should at least be able to get and stay on the field for 3/4 of the season.

Talent wise, hard to say. Wagner was a dominant beast in Baltimore. In Detroit, he was like a little pussy cat. What will he be in Green Bay?

Likely nothing more than he was in Detroit. (Cue the - “But he’ll be allowed to hold” jokes :joy:)

Be allowed to hold…Yeah, that IS funny.

Maybe he can be a boat anchor to GB like Lang was to us…

I’m sure he’ll be an All-Pro for Green Bay and make Quinn look like the doofus he is.

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Wagner was battling a knee injury last season. He’s probably lost some of the quick lateral movement.