Rise Of Skywalker

Saw it last night and was overall very satisfied with the ending of the saga. As always, the visuals were top notch. One of my biggest complaints about the previous two were the characters and their motivation. They did a 180 with Finn, who was my least favorite character, he’s not the scared boy running away all the time in this movie. It had an original story, though it did give hints of previous movies. Hard to say what I liked and didn’t like without giving away spoilers. JJ did much better with the story on this one, we finally have insight into why Rey’s parents left, but it’s sort of a lazy justification IMO. Other than that, it was a fun flick that put a nice bow on the saga


They should have stopped after Return of the Jedi in my opinion which was a major letdown from the Empire Strikes Back.

I was disappointed to see it get bad reviews. But everybody I know who saw it said it was good.

Empire is still the best


It always seems like the 2nd of a trilogy is the best. I think its because the suspense is the greatest. LOR was also the same way.

Terminator 2 as well… Not Indian Jones though :face_vomiting:


I think some of them aren’t technically trilogies though.

I’ve noticed the penultimate episode on TV is usually the best too.

The thing I don’t get with Star Wars is they are so scared to veer away from the same old formula. You have an entire universe of possibilities. Its fantasy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stick their neck out a little more now that they’ve done the sequels.


I’d love to see a bounty hunters based series

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I like Alien better than Aliens. I’ll take good drama over action any day.

I’m headed to see Frozen II with the girls.

The Last Jedi was hot garbage.

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It definitely did not follow the 2nd is the best trend.

I’ve heard decent things about the Mandalorian (sp)

I had to draw the line at Disney Plus on the streaming though. I already have Prime, HBO Starz, Showtime, and Hulu. Enough is enough.

Maybe I’m just old school, but I don’t venture into the online shows… I have access to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, but I rarely use them. I thought about getting Disney plus, but I feel like it’d be a waste judging by the amount I don’t use the others


I watched Rise of Skywalker last night (from the comfort of my own couch) and even in a low quality download, I thought it was good. Certainly not as good as Force Awakens, but better than about 5 other star wars movies. Bottom half, but enjoyable to watch.

I’ll probably have to rewatch it to figure out the ‘rise of skywalker’ part though. Either I missed something or it just wasn’t there.

I managed to plow through Revenge of the Sith, the Force Awakens, and Rogue One, and I think part of Attack of the Clones, I thought all of it was trash. I prefer Mandalorian to all of it. I’m a plot snob though, and action does very little for me without a good plot. And I hate predictable plots without originality.

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How to train your dragon 2 was also great, 1 was too… 3 was the worst of the 3 but still good

force awakens was a soft reboot and retelling of a new hope, which was fine, introduced new characters that were fun ,etc. TLJ was…well you shouldn’t change directors or writers, but they had no choice because JJ just copied a new hope and walked away, with no direction for anything.

Disney dropped the ball on the last 3 movies of a 9 movie series, it showed they only wanted it for merchandizing, etc.

however, rise of skywalker I thought was pretty good. Basically they had to tell the trilogy in one movie so holy cow it didn’t slow down but…I liked it.