River Boat Ron ain't gambling on the D.Haskins boat

Is this really the conversation between Daniel Snyder (Redskins Owner) and 2 time NFL Head Coach of the Year award winner, and Super Bowl Champion Ron Rivera?

Snyder: Hey Coach, how are you?
Rivera: Great Mr. Snyder, thank you again for the opportunity to work for you and this fine organization!"

Snyder: You’re welcome Ron, we are happy to have you…BUT here’s the deal. I really love this Haskins kid and he’s gonna be our QB of the future. I know he only completed %58 percent of his passes and had a 2-5 record. But this kid is our future and I want you to move your family here to Washington and bank everything on this kids shoulders. Sound good to you Ron?

Rivera: So let me get…

Snyder: OH!..and one more thing Ron. I just fired my G.M. and I won’t be hiring a new one until after the draft. But I’m keeping on some of the previous staff for you to work with until we make some more changes…got it.

Rivera: Sounds great Dan! (Honey! let’s start packing!!! We’re heading to Washingtion!!!)

Ron Rivera is known as a bit of a gambler. Hence the nickname. But I don’t think he is a fool.

Maybe they decide to stick with D.Haskins. But it is unimaginable for me to think that Ron Rivera accepted the job in Washington with the stipulations of not having the possibility of drafting a new QB with the #2 pick. The closer to the draft we get, the more of Tua being in play for Washington is harder to over look. The Cardinals laid the blue print just a year ago.

Which then leads to the very real possibility that the Lions will have a player fall to #3, that many do not think is probable.

The odds go up for Chase Young falling to the Lions, the less you think Ron Rivera is a fool…

I would imagine taking a qb at 2 is at least in the discussion.

Haskins could still turn out to be a good qb but it would be hard to pass on Tua and leaving everything in the hands of Haskins.

Definitely think it’s a real possibility Chase Young falls to 3. If you’re Ron Rivera you figure you’ve got 3-4 years to create a contender. Then Danny is going to look elsewhere. That’s the only equation that matters here. Can you be a contender in 3 years with Haskins or are your chances much better with Tua? I think Ron is smart enough to take Tua and never look back. It’s a big roll of the dice but hey, like you said- Riverboat Ron isn’t afraid to do it. I think there’s at least a 50/50 chance.

This is a plausible take. It’s also plausible Rivera took the job with a prerequisite of keeping Haskins.
NFL HC gigs do not grow on trees and the 5 year deal on a guaranteed contract that offers incredible financial security as an NFL Head Coach can not be overstated.
I personally think GM Quinn took a GM job with a prerequisite of keeping Jim Caldwell on the short term under a make it work , see what you can do and then get your guy if needed .
No reason to think that Rivera was not offered something similar and is just as plausible.
Rivera can build his team early on and show Haskins or the QB play is the weak link these next 2 years and then get his guy at QB and get an extension (like Quinn) to put his vision for the team at QB in motion .
Failing with Haskins (should they fail) can be spun by Rivera with him coming out and saying he was strapped with him and no one would doubt it . Possibly landing another gig or at the very least getting the coin when he could as a HC on a 5 year deal and riding off into the sunset cash in hand .

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Could WASHINGTON make a deal for Cam?

I haven’t heard anything to suggest it but it would make sense for obvious reasons.

Some how BQ will pass on Young. I doubt Redskins take a QB.

He could but I wouldn’t…this was horrible …


You could also reason that Ron took the job by demanding he have control over the #2 pick?

Rivera was not without leverage in the negotiations. Maybe that is the reason the Redskins made public of their intention to wait after the draft to replace the fired G.M. Rivera has control over this pick.

“I’ll be your coach, but only with the final say on this 2020 #2 pick”

Also plausible …agreed …but it could be you have control over the pick just no QB selection

Can you imagine the phone calls Lions would get if Chase Young is there at #3?

Maybe more calls on Chase Young then Tua. And with BQ job on the line, he would even question if taking CY at 3 would even save his job. I know he wavers and maybe caves on the trade down with Young there.

Flip side of that, is if Young gone, and no trade down offers worth taking, Okudah or Brown will be the pick.

So the question is, would getting and extra 1st and 2nd be enough to TD if Young is there? Or do you take the beast? I bet he would trade down with no job in the back of his mind.

Just not sure what BQ would do anymore.

The other X factor with the Skins is that they are loaded on the DL and have a question mark at the most important position in sports and the chance to draft and redshirt Tua while they work on their rebuild. I don’t think Rivera is under any pressure to win now.

It’s not a question mark if the guy signing the front of the checks says “it’s not a question mark!” .

Well, there’s that. And Dan, is well, Dan.

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I’d be very happy if they go QB. But their “consolation” is adding Chase Young to Jonathon Allen, Payne and Sweat. I wonder if he is talking to Snyder right now about a trade for Cam? But I could see a conversation that would go like “I saw the Steve Wilks situation in AZ. They saddled him with a douche QB with their first round pick and fired him after a year. If I role with Haskins, you’ve got to give me some time to see if he can be the guy. If I decide after a year that he isn’t, you’ve got to be aggressive enough to move us up in the draft to get a franchise guy, or drop major cash on a Vet who can be the guy.” Then again, there are 32 of these jobs and if someone wants to hire you for one of them, I’d imagine one could say “sure” to a lot of things. But adding say a Young and Gallimore to Shelton and Flowers? Damn…