Rivers Moves to Florida

Dolphins? Bucs? Jags?

Rivers moving to Florida is like Stafford moving to Florida , nobody will bait . These are some over rated players who can’t extend plays in big games. Rivers better than Winston/Fitzpatrick/and minshew the beast ?

Am I the only one that thinks Rivers is one of the most overrated QBs in NFL history?


Rivers is back up qb at the best now , he throw the ball like throwing shot put . I am catholic like rivers , I like all the community work he did and the way he raised his kids etc . But I don’t give him any credit for still hanging when other capable players deserve better than him

He’s certainly no Stafford


He is

Yeah. That’s how I kind of feel.

Pretty similar to Stafford IMO and yet Rivers gets Hall of Fame hype

Tua… if he is indeed the lust of the Miami Dolphins would make a lot of sense here for Rivers.
I’m sure a huge payday on a 1 year deal while Tua learns from a Pro and sits for a year to get truly as healthy as he possibly can and rehab T
The same applies to Josh Rosen who would backup Rivers in 2020 and still be around in 2021 to battle (and lose) the starting gig to Tua if he is healthy .
Rivers would also give fans a reason to fill the stadium in 2020


This is a great scenario. Fingers crossed

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It depends really. 2:1 career TD to INT ratio. Some playoff wins. Long Ironman streak. Has a career winning record. He is not a HOF QB like Brees, Peyton and Eli, Brady, Ben, Rodgers… but he was a high end starter for a very long time. He had a really, really good career… just not a HOF one.

Well, it comes down to numbers, which Rivers for his career certainly has, then hardware. It’s hard as a QB to get to the HOF without both, although there are exceptions like Marino, the only QB ahead of Rivers in Career Passing Yardage (which yes, is a thing), without a SB ring. But when you are 6th all time in passing yards, 6th all time in completions, 6th all time in passing TD’s, 10th all time in passer rating, yes you will be and should be considered for the HOF.

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I’d put Rivers over Eli all day erry day rings aside. Rivers was 6th all time in career passer rating. Eli is 45th, below Jay Cutler and David Garrard… Eli has 46 more career INT’s and 34 less career TD’s than Rivers. All that with 10 more Games Started!!

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I think Rivers is a bit underrated overall. He’s had some talent here and there throughout his career, but his rosters were pretty busted. I do like that he gets red assed and shows wicked passion. He got a TON out of his talent. His arm is toast now and he looks pretty awful throwing the ball, but I appreciate his game.

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After watching him in college, I questioned how his shotput delivery would translate to current pro offense. This isn’t the era of Joe Kapp and Billy Kilmer.
Gotta give him props for his accomplishments, but HOF?

Every QB directly above him regarding Passing Yards, TDs, and Completions are. One doesn’t have a SB either. Longevity as a high level starting QB in the NFL matters too, which is how you rack up all those stats in comparison to the all time greats.

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He’s been one of my favorite players for a long time now, love his demeanor on the field. He had some reeeeeaaaaally good teams, Gates and LT, they went 14-2 one year and one and done in the playoffs… Schottenheimer was fired after that and Norv Turner was hired, they were up and down ever since.

I agree with you in reference to Eli, whose rings alone may push the door open in Canton. Rivers has accomplished much in a long career. Hall Of Good.

I think it would be super interesting if Rivers ended up with the Titans. That would be a massive upgrade.

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The San Diego rosters early in his career were loaded. I also thought the Chargers had the best roster in ‘18 or damn close to it.

Eli is not HOF material. Two team SB’s does not enhance a very mediocre career.