Rivers Not Returning To SD

The impact for the Lions is justification that they have concluded that they will have a shot at a QB. The key is whether they like Herbert or Tua or someone else. The Lions need Herbert and/or Tua to look great in workouts to get at least two teams gunning for someone. Miami has the ammo to own any competition moving up. That could cause someone like SD or Jaxonville to get aggressive and elevate the cost. This is the type of trade and draft I would love to see for the Lions:

FA - DL Armstead/Jones, LB Fowler/Barrett, CB Ryan

TD #3 - #5 + #27 + 2nd in 2021
TD #35 - #45-50 + 3rd

  1. WR Jeudy - an impact WR to use the biggest weapon on the team - Stafford’s arm!
  2. OT Jones/Becton - a starting RT with versatility.
  3. RB Dobbins - a durable RB to solidify the overall group.
  4. DB Winfield - a playmaker with a great pedigree.
  5. OG Bredeson - an OG to compete for the position

Improved Offense in both the running game and passing game. Three defensive starters to solidify that side of the ball. Stafford healthy with these weapons on offense and the Lions are as good as any team in the NFC.

I really like it but think we only get 1 of the 3 FA. Too many teams have too much money for us to hit a home run like that with just the median amount of cap space among all teams this off-season.

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Can Fowler or barrett cover a TE?

If you look at some of those teams they have a lot of people to sign to fill their 53 man roster. Some are really loaded like you said though. We have that going for us i guess.

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Why does Herbert get to be the MVP? His team lost.


Yes, you have to really study those numbers to get a true feel for, let’s call it “relevant cap space.”

He didn’t play the whole game

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As I heard someone say on 97.1 The Ticket today, Rivers would be a great stopgap for the Lions while Tua gets ready. :grin:

What an idiodic take… Let’s get rid of Stafford and take an additional cap hit to do so… Sign an old QB to the same-ish per year salary as Stafford and THEN spend a high first rounder in a QB who’s injured… Fans like that deserve a team like the Lions


The majority of lions fans I meet out in the public, are pretty misinformed, uninformed or complete morons. Or any combination of the three. This shouldn’t provoke any feelings of wonderment, because this describes the general public as well


I would suggest that Lions Fans overall are the most negative and ill informed in the NFL. That is the most embarrassing thing about being a Lions Fan.

I agree that it is unlikely to do that well in FA. Those positions could all be addressed, but likely a lesser talent at 1-2 positions.

I see this too, when I’m around the country. Never see negativity like this in other cities. I almost laugh, when I see people talking about how much they hate Bears fans, Packer fans, etc. If those fans showed up on our board and treated us the way we treat each other, they’d be banned for flaming. Home team flaming, IMO, is at least as big, if not a bigger infraction.

It really taints the stadium experience when you go, unless we are winning big. Our fans are so quick to turn on the team. It’s a culturally acceptable thing. Our fans are easily the most negative I’ve seen around the country.

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Here in Minny, fans know if they had Stafford they would have won 2-3 SB’s already and are amazed with his ability. He would be universally respected here, but in Detroit 40% don’t realize how special he is and actually want to trade him for a college QB?


My dad never watches. I can’t remember which game he watched, and his takeaway was that we needed to replace Mathew. It was one of his best games from this year with several TDs, awesome total yardage, no picks, etc. I literally laughed to myself.

Yes I can’t tell you how many relatives I have that think he stinks because they listen to Valenti or other retarded bobbleheads. Detroit needs to rebuild their sports writers and media on every level. That group is as bad as it gets.

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1 playoff win since 57’- “Our fans are so quick to turn on the team”

“The NFL has figured Patrick Mahomes out”- BigNatty 4 weeks ago.

“Minny fans realize they would’ve won 2-3 SBs already with Stafford as QB”

“Lions fans are the most ill informed fans in the NFL”

Some all time great quotes on this thread.

Jeez, I wonder why Lions fans are negative. 1 playoff win in 57 years might have something to do with it or in the case of younger generations, zero playoff wins in their lifetime.

I like you BigNatty but I’m not sure why you’re being critical of a fanbase that has been beaten over the head time after time by this joke of an organization.

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Lol - you said public… I thought for a sec you meant here :wink::joy: