Robby Anderson to the Panthers

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Bridgewaters noodle arm won’t be able to catch up to Anderson’s speed. Bad fit here IMO. Anderson is a good player, though.


Yep I wanted him here myself … Anderson needs to be unleashed , his game revolves around a QB being able to hit him and hit him deep and quickly with as little arc as possible …Off of PA …he is an incredible target

Well, they do have the 7th pick, so perhaps this move signals they have contingency plans to move up for a QB to either compete with Teddy or sit behind him for a year.

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Agree 100% that could be the plan. Anderson would look lovely with Herbert throwing him the ball … but the fit with Bridgewater is what I was commenting on .

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I liked him but that is a touch pricey for us, based on remaining cap. He got #2 money so that fits with his game, he would have paired well with KG. He is still young so good for him and the Panthers.