Aaron Rodgers and Ndamukong Suh do not like each other.

The former NFC North rivals have plenty of history from Suh’s five seasons in the division with the Detroit Lions. They picked up where they left off on Sunday as Suh’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers rolled past Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers.

The Bucs cruised to a 38-10 win thanks in large part to a swarming Tampa Bay defense. The Bucs piled up five sacks as Rodgers spent much of his day in the dirt. Suh delivered some of the damage, and the two had more than one verbal exchange on the field.

Late hit, big sack by Suh

Suh got flagged for a late hit in the second quarter for shoving Rodgers to the ground long after he got rid of the ball. The penalty was offset thanks to Rodgers being called for intentional grounding on the play.

Suh let Rodgers know what he thinks of single malt scotch (@SpreadOffense) October 18, 2020

Two plays later, Suh hit Rodgers again. This time there were no flags — only a drive-killing sack and some post-play chatter between the old rivals.

Suh shut things all the way down :rage: @NdamukongSuh @Buccaneers

:tv: #GBvsTB on FOX

— The Checkdown (@thecheckdown) October 18, 2020

Jawing carries over to second half

The conversation carried on in the second half as the Bucs extended their lead.

There are three games being playing in Tampa Bay.

Packers vs Buccaneers
Aaron Rodgers vs Tampa’s pass D
Rodgers vs Suh

— George Balekji (@GeorgeBalekji) October 18, 2020

Rodgers: ‘That goes back a long time’

Rodgers acknowledged the on-field tension when speaking with reporters postgame.

“That goes back a long time, and I’m sure the cameras caught some stuff,” Rodgers said, per Pro Football Talk.

Long-standing beef between Ndamukong Suh and Aaron Rodgers surfaced on Sunday. (AP Photo/Jason Behnken)

History between Rodgers, Suh

Rodgers and Suh indeed go way back with a 2014 incident playing a big role in Suh’s ever-evolving reputation as a dirty player. Suh twice stepped on Rodgers’ leg during a Week 17 Lions-Packers game with the NFC North title on the line.

Rodgers was two weeks removed from a calf injury when Suh stepped on him. The Packers went on to win the game and the division that day. Suh denied intentionally stepping on Rodgers, but the NFL didn’t buy it and suspended him for Detroit’s wild-card playoff game the next week against the Dallas Cowboys.

If both teams keep up their early-season pace, they could be headed for a playoff clash. Keep an eye on this one.

Rodgers is washed up.

I thought Suh played in the playoff game?

Tampa didn’t just pressure Rodgers. They also took away the run and coveted their tails off. TB hit on all three of those day 2 CBs in 2018 and 2019.

I honestly have not watched one second of NFL football this season.

But when I saw the score in the 3rd quarter I was really, really, really tempted to turn that game on just to watch Erin losing. He is such a whiny bitch when things don’t go their way

It was fun to watch. I let go of a bit of my dislike for Suh. He showed up with a bit of his black-and-blue rivalry going and thoroughly frustrated Erin.

Still, if you’ve managed to not watch even a minute of the NFL this year, stick to it. It’s good for your health.

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Suh did play in it. They appealed his suspension, and the NFL fined him only but let him play in the playoff game.

Don’t forget, Suh also has the stomp on the Packers lineman on Thanksgiving. Suh clearly hates GB.
I was watching the game, and Suh did bump (not a hit) Rodgers late, but Rodgers flopped to sell it. Suh hammered Rodgers later and let him know and that’s when the words started to fly. I still miss that fire, even though I knew Suh was a goner.

My favorite part was that up 28 with like 8 minutes left Arians was still dialing up 9 routes.

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Let’s be honest Brady and Rodgers are whinny bitches. But both are good QBs. Maybe if Stafford started to be a bitch Lion’s could win more.

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If whinny is meant to be portmanteau for whiny and winner then yes they are.