Romeo Okwara needs your vote

He’s up for the new NFL Anything but Ordinary award. He’s up for the award because of his photography. Mostly of NYC firefighters. He’s way behind in the voting. Let’s support our players by giving him a vote.


I voted for him.

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Unfortunately… These things are often popularity votes and show just how well fans support their players. Okwara really needs votes and I actually think he’s deserving of the award.

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I agree with Air, this is just a popularity contest.

And I doubt anyone actually win a trip to the Superbowl for voting, they basically just want your online information.

And I am glad that Tarik Cohen is last, his anything but ordinary is because he is good at Fortnite (WTF?).

Edit: After reading all the nominees, I understand this is just a superficial contest. But I am guessing this has to come with some obligations by the athlete and they are all getting compensated for putting their name on this.