Romoe Okwara's next contract

He is playing very well and has improved year on year. He is definitely going to get himself a nice deal this off season coming off hopefully a double digit sack season and given he is only 26.

Do the Lions bring him back or does he hit free agency? Would he get 10 million + per year in free agency? 3 year 30 million deal?

Seems like the right range.

Remember when we got pissed that Avril got that much?


With his brother on roster and lions expecting big things
I think it’d important lions present the optics they’re doing right by him to help get the most from taking his brother. If he feels like he’s being treated poorly by lions , I’d worry it’ll sour his bro

He might be the only player on defense that has improved and playing at a high level. Witch is amazing in this scham. How good will he be in a system that actually emphasize the pass rush.

I think he oughta be a top priority to keep, assuming the money is right. It’s kinda hard to calculate a player’s value next next year and beyond without knowing what the cap will be. I’d keep Griffin too if they can, which means if they can find a kickass DT then this defense goes from bottom feeder to at least middle of the pack IMHO.

Yeah that’s my thought , Griffen , Flowers , Okwara pretty good 3 man rotation. Add a good DT , and need a LB or Two. And a coach that emphasize the pass rush and this defense get better fast