Rooting interests today

Dolphins, Giants, Cowboys. I hate saying that last one but if they beat the Eagles and clinch then the Eagles don’t have anything to play for against Washington next week


I don’t like that Bengals-Dolphins game is a pick 'em in Vegas. I think something is up and the Bengals might pull that game out.

Need Dallas to win to make the Eagles-Giants or Cowboys-Redskins game worthless. But I think any team that has a shot at the #2 pick is probably going to put a week 4 preseason lineup on the field next week.

Hadn’t put much thought into the Eagles situation, but makes sense.

I’ll be rooting for the same.

That’ll cover the teams ahead of us in the draft standings.

Taking a look the teams behind us, it would be nice to see the Panthers, Jets, and Chargers win today, to keep them behind us in case the Lions do the unimaginable and actually win a game or 2.

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Giants and Dolphins for sure. I’m not positive the Skins would opt for Young. If Thomas shines in the pre draft process I think he’d be really tempting to the skins. If we’re at 3 I definitely would prefer that be below WAS.

Draft position be damned…ain’t rooting for any Cowboys team…ever :face_vomiting:

Under most circumstances I absolutely agree but my hatred and disgust of all things Packers I think I may have to root for the bovine girls in that matchup

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Why do you guys want the Giants to win? There’s a better chance the Giants beat the Eagles at home than the Redskins winning at Dallas. We want Washington to get the 4th win now.

Washington and NY are trying hard. They are nowhere near as good at tanking as we are.

I just think Quinn will screw things up no matter who is available.
I have zero faith in these guys after last years draft.


Steelers. Niners already won. I’m conflicted on the lions. If we honestly have a shot at young then…let’s go broncos!


I think the consensus is that both will likely lose next week. Giants to the Eagles, and the Redskins to the Cowboys. So if the expectation is that they both will lose next week, I would prefer that the Redskins lose this week so that they’re the team ahead of us in the draft.

I definitely understand where you’re coming from. Just trying to figure out “most likely” scenarios.

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Young is probably going #2 in the draft regardless of what team is in that position.
If the Dolphins hold on, and the Skins and Giants don’t tie, the Lions will at least have the #3 pick.
I’m sure Quinn will pick the top safety or WR.


Nah. Derrick Brown is the guy at 3.

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Things are totally lining up too nicely today. Either the Lions will win today or against the Pack, or if they do somehow squeeze out the #2 pick, you know Young will stay in school an extra year. You guys know its true!

The Skins are getting 2 and taking Young.

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I will be a huge Eagles fan today, no doubt. I don’t care what it means for the draft.

I’ve already declared my bandwagon fan status for the Ravens for the rest of the year, so obviously I’m rooting for them.


Dolphins give up 23 points in the 4th quarter including a last played 25-yard touchdown and then a successful 2-point conversion to tie it up to go to OT with Cinci. Un-friggin’-believable

It feels like it has everything to do with us. If we didn’t stand to benefit from a Miami win, they would have won going away.

Miami’s tank game is strong. Bloody hell - league should look into that. Talk about going face down, ass up…