Ross Blacklock

Why no love for Blacklock on this board? I’m hoping he’s available with our second round pick or maybe a late 1st if we move down from 3. Chase Young and Blacklock would instantly transform the dline. Okudah and Blacklock still transforms the defense. I think Blacklock has to be a target going into the draft.

I like him …He is just not the DT we need for this system …He is not going to have value as a DT that needs to be able hold his ground and two gap …He needs to be in a one gap penetrating system .

Am hoping for OU’s DT Gallimore with the Fins #26 in a tradedown to #5…Gallimore looked real good in the Combine. Would have no problem with Blacklock in the 2nd.

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Like Blacklock, Fotu, Gallimore. I think we’re looking for 2 DTs, a 1T that can 2 gap and big 3T. I think Blacklock and Gallimore fill that 3T roll, Fotu more of the 2 gap 1T.

I’ve brought Gallimore up several times. I think he’s the best fit of the DT’s that would be available round 2.

I think Blacklock is the best interior pass rusher of the bunch and provides something we are severely lacking.