Roster Changes - new CBA

Big roster changes

One of the more understated changes in the new CBA is the impact on rosters, including the practice squad. Here’s a quick breakdown of the significant changes:

  • Practice squad roster increasing from 10 to 12 immediately. Will be increased to 14 by the year 2022.
  • Gameday rosters will increase from 46 to 48. Of the two extra spots, one has to be an offensive lineman.
  • Twice a week, a team can promote a practice squad player to the active roster without a corresponding move to make space. Yes, that means a 55-man roster is now possible.
  • Additionally, players promoted from the practice squad (to make a 55-man roster) can now be sent back down to the practice squad without the danger of being placed on waivers. That is capped at twice per player, however.
  • Practice squads now have two spots for players with any amount of experience. Yes, even 10-year veterans.

I’m liking these changes.


Sounds like PS players are pretty much Roster players now, as you can pull them up for individual games to create mismatches against certain teams. Will make it much harder to scout and plan for teams. Could level the playing filled even more. Fun stuff.

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I don’t understand how a 48 man roster can get to 55???

Not permanently @ 55. They don’t have to make a subsequent move, when they bring someone up from the PS (don’t have to cut someone, put someone on IR, PUP, etc).

The current active roster was 53, right? That’s what the teams cut down to before the season starts. The new agreement says you can now increase that limit from 53 to 55.

BUT, the game day roster that dresses and can play in that game was 46 guys, you had to identify 7 guys who would be inactive for that one game. Now that number has increased from 46 to 48.

Ah okay … roster / active roster
Didn’t read right