Round 2 candidate - Chris Lidstrom G, BC


Submitted for approval…

I know a lot of people love those sexy drafts, but, I prefer Workmen unless you have a specific need. As sexy as I want to see this draft is Greedy in the first.


No. I don’t want Chris Lindstrom.


Why? He has no red flags and is in the top 3 guards in the draft.
We’re not taking a guard in the first, that’s just about guaranteed.
Do you know something the rest of us should?


I don’t know a lot of the college players nearly as well as most of you fellas do.

That said, I’d love to see us build the right side of the OL fist. Draft a T or G in the 1st AND 2nd rounds? 2 of the first 3 rounds?

Still could use a lot of help in a lot of areas. CB would be fantastic as well. Need lots of depth at lots of positions, to be perfectly honest. I wanna protect Matt and watch him shred opposing defenses.


Crosby will likely be the RT at some point. The next time Wagner goes down could be the last time he starts.


For Round 2, I would rather have the Lions pick someone like Michael Deiter. Or I would want them to trade down and draft someone like Dru Samia or Nate Herbig.


Im down for a G @43… There"ll probably be 3 or 4 guys available at 43 that would fit our need.


With a name like Lidstrom i figured he would be a defender.