Rumor: Atlanta Falcons have talked to Detroit Lions about draft trade

Hmmmm not sure they would have a good enough trade to make.

Like I mentioned in my dream trade scenario, I think even if we trade down to 5, JAX and ATL will be interested in trading up for Okudah.

1st, 2nd, next year’s first and Calvin Ridley

I’m thinking that would be in a double trade down scenario.

ATL would come in play if DET trades to 5.

Carolina is expected to draft a CB so if ATL wants a top CB they would have to get in front of CAR somehow.

I can’t see the Lions trading down that far unless ATL offered future picks or some players in the deal.

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Ridley or deion jones

Looks like they are trying to move up and draft Young.

I would to, still hoping we get him ……:slight_smile:

Jones is good but sadly does not fit our LB prototype. Doubt ATL would part with him.