Rumor has it, Stafford wants Patricia fired

I read on another board that Stafford wants Coach Patricia fired and Stafford has a direct line to the Fords. If this is true, and I hope to God it is, Patricia and hopefully GM Quinn’s days are numbered. I mean, every sane fan on this board wants them fired so it’s not a stretch for Stafford to feel like us. I mean, if Patricia can’t show up on time for a meeting, has the lowest game day attendance in 10 years, and owns a 7 game losing streak, he has to get fired. Thoughts?

My thoughts are, what is the source for this “rumor”? Can we do better than, “My Dads best friends step-uncles roommate said Stafford wants Patricia gone”?


Yeah this is weak with no credible sources!!!

Another board is the source lol…cmon man!


Rumor has it Stafford is history. Nobody questions Patricia!


Yep. I guess we just earned a 5th round pick from somebody.

Good luck Matt, will be rooting for ya.


I’m not buying it. That’s not Stafford’s personality.


Agree. Dude plays hard when he’s on the field. Never heard a peep of passion or expectations off the field. I mean, this is the same dude that openly said he wanted them to keep Jim Bob Cooter, after Patricia was hired. I don’t think he have a single person in the organization, from the owner to the franchise QB, that thinks rationally anymore.

I’m not buying it either. I have no doubt there are some players who want Patricia gone for whatever reason, but I highly doubt Stafford is one of them. I do not doubt that he is sick and tired of the losing, I’m sure they all are. I don’t think he would ever say that Patricia has to go.

Fake news.

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Kelly is clearly pulling the strings here.

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It was Khalil Mack’s limo driver again


No, but, it is Kelly’s, and trust me, you don’t just sit down and shut up after you’ve fought so hard to stay alive and then to keep your life.
The Stafford’s won’t be taking nearly as much of what is truly important for granted.

Somebody is not telling the truth.
So far, I hear all these people and what I hear is phat phuck, slob, late for meetings but players are held to standard he is not, not fun to play because the coaches are all correcting guys all the time.
If I remember, your boss is not held to a standard like you, he is held to the standard his boss demands. I am sure none of you knows what that standard is, as I am also sure Quinn knows what Patricia brings to the table. Also, the boss sets your organizational goals. It is his job to see you held to those goals, it is his job to give you direction and it is his job to correct you when you make mistakes.
He grows the beard for support of his military friends or some such stuff. So are you complaining that he is phat or that he is doing his job? I am sure you just don’t like the results he has produced.

The rest is just hate.

I’m sure we have a big enough sampling to make a solid guess.

Just got off the phone with Jon…


Dude, Jon is in Dallas.

I know he’s number seven in my contact list.

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Rumors are rarely true , this girl I knew in High School told all of her friends I had a 12" inch penis which was false . It is only 9.5 inches :smiley:

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Really? It’s not Stafford’s personality? Didn’t he force Coach Patricia to keep JBC? Didn’t he force GM Quinn to keep Caldwell?

For the record, I hope Stafford gets his way this time.

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Everyone hates Patricia and the Pats lost no sleep when he left and the defense improved markedly. That is repeated by everyone all the time.

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