Rumor - Lions and Dolphins in trade talks

I think there’s probably truth to these rumors. I’d think that Mia is feeling out every possible trade scenario to move up at get their QB.

While hoping the Leo’s are feeling out every possible trade scenario also.

I am really surprised if any teams talk to each other before the combine really. And that is probably just because they are all in the same city.

If the price to move up to No. 3 is lower than the price to move up to No. 2, it would be understandable why the Dolphins would consider trading with the Lions rather than the Redskins.

It’s a risk, another team may be willing to move up to #2…I’d be the Chargers are their main competition, that team has a lot of weapons on offense and talent on defense. They need to put butts in the seats and a nice shiny new QB would do that.

are you saying it is a buyers market?

I’d say it’s a sellers market.

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The Lions are in trade talks with all teams that want a QB. Miami is likely also in talks with Washington as the secure way is to trade to #2. I suspect teams like Carolina, SD, Oakland and Jax will also talk with the Lions just to get a feel on what level of interest there is and what do the Lions need to move down to their spots.

Miami - down only two spots so likely lose out on one player.
SD - Miami still likely to take a QB, so likely lose out on one player.
Carolina - down effectively 4 spots, much more difficult to predict who is gone.
Jaxsonville - down effective 6 spots
Las Vegas - down 9 spots so potentially no DT, maybe a good scenario if they wanted to go OT but very risky.

I still see the Lions taking Young or trading down with Miami for a few additional picks. Knowing Miami has so much ammunition SD, Car, Jax or Oakland may choose to try for Herbert or go another direction. It all comes down to who teams want.

Right, the supply of the desired commodity (franchise QB) is outweighed by the demand for same.

If I am Quinn I say I am not ready to talk just yet. We haven’t seen Tua throw yet and want to see what Herbert does at the combine. Or Stafford is scheduled for follow-up with our medical team in a couple weeks and we will have a better idea of where we want to go then. Somehow get them thinking a QB is not out of the mix. That almost forces them to go to #2 if we are really interested in Chase Young.