Rumor: OBJ to Vikings?^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

Gawd I hope not!
What say you???



So, as I reported this morning on


Source has told me that the Browns and Vikings are in discussions on a trade that would send


to the Vikings for a 2nd and 5th round pick next year. Trade is not done, but the deal is being discussed.


Why would we not get in on this? We would potentially have an extra 2nd in a trade down and we have two 5th rounders. Offense instantly becomes explosive and we have the cap to fit him too.

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I really doubt that Cleveland would do that. If they are willing to then he’s even more of a “losing player” than we have led to believe.

OBJ is a cancer


Pride of Detroit


Never seemed to make sense given Minnesota’s tight cap situation and OBJ’s heft contract.

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Mary Kay Cabot

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Received a one-word answer from a source close to the #Vikings about the report they’re talking to the #Browns about trading for Odell Beckham Jr. for a 2nd & 5th next year: “False”

Cancer, Darius strain. Survivable.
Cancer, Odell strain. Locker room killer!
Good Luck in Minny.

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MP doesn’t have the people skills to manage a head case like OBJ.

I doubt OBJ would be happy in Minny. Which means he will be a locker room problem.

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It may not be practicable but I would love love seeing Stafford slinging it to OBJ. He’s be a perfect compliment to Galladay. Why would we not consider this. Honest question, as I dont know his situation. Is he a head case?

OBJ is such a disruptive disease to a team he should be forced to wear #19


Steve Yzerman? Don’t you dare…

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I see. He does seem a little prima donna,then again all the good WRs seem that way.

I just think now is the time for the Lions to start taking some risks. Stafford is in his thirties. The future is here. Lets make a run.

This would actually be a good thing. OBJ is talented but a basket case, and just today Cousins had a comment that he is hoping for more running plays now that Stephon Diggs is out. If OBJ went there, he will be demanding the ball in no time and going into rage fits when it doesn’t happen.

The fact Minny would have to give up trade assets to make it work, and cap space, is an added bonus.


Lol gotcha

Do you know if he prefers Covid Beckham Jr. or Covid Beckham XIX?

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I don’t recall OBJ ever being a team cancer. What you have seen is the media following everything he’s done. Never been suspended. Always showed up to work. I think you guys call every young person with a personality a cancer.

Not true at all. Marshawn Lynch has a huge personality. I never thought he was a cancer. There are plenty of big personalities that don’t get in the way of winning games.

I think OBJ is in the Terrell Owens mold. 0BJ is a “me guy” IMO. That’s my perception at least.

A quote from his twitter:

“Ask any one of my teammates of who I was as a teammates and a man and a person… yes I’m cancer to a place that’s ok wit losing because I want to win that BADDD. Ur absolutely correct !”

Basically he’s THAT guy. If he’s getting his targets and the team is winning, he should be ok. The moment the team decides to run the ball or gets in a losing streak he will sound off on the sidelines…

I’ll be honest. I’d take him, because at least he has passion and desire to go along with his talent and production. But he probably wouldn’t like all the losing here. Lol

Stafford would get him the ball. Mayfield was pathetic last year.

He’d be happy here.